Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Guides On What To Tweet

Have you ever wonder what you should tweet to your followers this morning you wake up besides greeting them good morning, telling them what you had for breakfast etc.? Have you ever ponder what do your Twitter followers really want from you? You think that tweeting is simple? Please have a second thought about it! Coming up with 140 characters Tweet is way harder than blurting 140 words for your blog post. It's like you have to build an enormous revolving tower on a small plot of land. Think about it: Twitter wants you to think differently how you can provide (your followers) value.

4 Guides On What To Tweet,Twitter Icon

Although blogging allows you to express your ideas in a very liberated way, tweeting on the other hand restrict how you exhibit your thoughts. But both blogging and tweeting requires you to have 2 essential strategies to allow you to be seen as an authority: provide value and be engaging. Yep! By providing value for other people and engage with them, you are on your way to be an influence! In this case, you will be a power Twitter user that you followers will be worshiping!

So in order to be that force to be reckoned in your followers' eyes, you have to think about what you should tweet to all your followers. You have to satiate their hunger. So what on earth should you tweet? I can't answer this question. I don't know your followers. That's why I can't tell you what you should tweet for them. You have to figure this out yourself.

There are billions of Twitter users in this world and every second as you are reading this: millions of tweets are being blasted from virtually everywhere. That's why I can't assume that your followers are like mine and tell you what kind of tweets they would love. But I can tell you that most Twitter users want you tweet about:

4 Guides On What To Tweet,Twitter Icon

4 Guides On What To Tweet:
  1. Share cool, awesome links for them to read or click on.
  2. Talk about something worthy to be replied to and have a chat.
  3. Tweet about something (links, quotes etc.) worth to be retweeted to their own followers.
  4. Be Yourself. Be personal. In other words, they want to be closer to whom they are in the Twitterville.
Basically it is all about fulfilling your followers' need. What we have shared (above) are the things that twitter users would need. So ultimately if your tweets are able to meet their "Twitter demands", your followers base will keep increasing. You want to have more Twitter followers right?

So what should you tweet about? Easy peasy. By using the above 4 guides, all you need is give your followers what they really want from you. Let's see...
  • share awesome stuffs with your followers. It can be a link to a website, a photo, a video or even a quote. You will know you are on the right track when you are getting feedbacks in the form of RT (retweet), replies and direct messages from your followers.
  • get involved with your followers directly. Engage with them by asking them questions and blasting tweets that will start a conversation. What you can do is including a twitter user in your tweets.
  • DM your followers. Yes, send them direct messages from time to time. Or you can simply send a DM to someone who has just retweeted your tweet. Besides showing your appreciation, this gesture also brings you closer to your followers. In fact sometimes just by asking your followers how they do in a DM is a good way to bond with them and grow your avid followers base.
  • The more your RT (Retweet) the better is it. It is one incredibly simple deed that you will not regret. The more you help others, the more they will reciprocate. So do retweet as often as you can.
  • Spice up your tweets beyond those soundless 140 characters. Use tools such Twitpic. They say a picture is worth a thousand words right?
4 Guides On What To Tweet,Twitter Icon

Mix and match all your tweets. Yes, the more variety your tweets have the better it is. Besides that always blend in your own standalone tweets with replies, retweets, and direct messages. Treat Twitter as your fun playground where you share with the world things that intrigues you. Again variety is the main key! I hope now you have a rough idea what to tweet in the future.