Monday, November 22, 2010

Daddy's Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Yesterday I shared with you guys my daddy's very first Baskin Robbins' ice cream birthday cake that he had last Saturday right? But I didn't tell you guys what we have bought for him right? We thought about it and finally got daddy a brand new hand phone. We decided to get him a new mobile phone because daddy loves to listen to music and snap photos. His old mobile phone which we bought months ago could no longer fulfill daddy's need.

Nokia 5130 MusicXpress for daddy. :)

So last Saturday after blowing out the candle on daddy's ice cream cake, we pulled out his present. Daddy didn't quite expected to receive a gift. After all we have already splurged a few hundreds for the Kenny Rogers and Baskin Robbins. So it was a pleasant surprise for him. Daddy unwrapped his present and the look on his face said it all. Daddy was beaming to know that now he is the proud owner of Nokia 5130 MusicXpress. This is one heck of great phone I tell you.

There are even lights on the right panel to get you into the groove.

Why did we choose Nokia 5130 MusicXpress for daddy? Simple because it can play music (really well), snap high-quality photos and videos and more importantly it has expandable memory slot. This candy bar phone comes with a gorgeous 256k colours. Besides having a 2MP camera, Nokia 5130 MusicXpress also comes with 3.5mm music jack completes withde dedicated music keys. It has been verified that it can support up to a whopping 16GB of music! Goodness! Imagine how many songs, pictures and videos can be stored?

Gorgeous 2MP camera plus the insanely crisp and loud speaker at the bottom.

Nokia 5130 MusicXpress also has Bluetooth and you can even tune in to FM radio. I am sure daddy who loves to listen to music will be happy to know about this. Best of all Nokia claims that this phone can last up to 21 hours of music play. Not bad at all right? You can choose from 3 different colours and I picked the silver/white one for daddy. The one that we got for daddy comes with a 2GB SD card. Guess how much this phone cost? We forked out RM350 (US$113) for this Nokia 5130 MusicXpress which I think is a steal! What do you think?

No music phone is complete with dedicated music keys.

Volume can be "dialed" at a touch of a button.

My brother, my wife and I are glad that we got this phone for Daddy. I even made an effort to put in all his favourite songs and pictures especially that of little Jordan. He really loves it. That is why he has been blasting song after song through the phone superb speaker. Heck! I think my Nokia E72 can't be compared to my daddy's new phone. At least not in terms of music play. Now he can listen to music and more importantly snap photos and capture videos of his grandson-Little Jordan. Do you think he is happy? Of course he is.

Little Jordan, "Happy Birthday to you Ah Kong (Grandpa)."

P.S.: I am thinking of getting this Nokia 5130 as my backup phone.Click here to find out more about Nokia 5130 MusicXpress.