Friday, October 29, 2010

Top 5 Blog Traffic Tips Yaro Starak Has Taught Me

Traffic is the only thing that matters if you want to make money blogging or increase your blog readership. Without traffic, the 18 ways on how to make money blogging that I shared with you last week will be useless. Likewise if you have traffic it will be very easy for you to monetize your blogs. So please bear in mind that traffic is the lifeblood of you blog. Of course traffic can be divided into targeted traffic and non-targeted traffic. But for the sake of simplicity we are going to start from the scratch about getting blog traffic. Today I am going to reveal the top 5 basic blog traffic that I have learnt from Yaro Starak the problogger.

Top 5 Blog Traffic Tips From Yaro Starak,Blog Traffic Tips
Increase your blog traffic with these 5 tips!

Actually there are 10 great blog traffic tips from Yaro Starak, but I picked 5 that I believe are the most important and relevant for all bloggers. These blog traffic tips, though they might appear to serve better for beginner bloggers, you will be surprised that they can also help to leverage your so called "old" blogs. Each of these 5 blog traffic tips are aimed to help you build momentum for your blog. By using these few tips effectively, you will increase your audience base and be able to get (hopefully) at least 500 readers every day.

Top 5 Blog Traffic Tips That I Have Learnt From Yaro Starak

1~Write at least 5 major "pillar" posts
You might be wondering what the heck is "pillar" posts right? Well the one you are reading right now can be considered as a pillar post. You see a pillar post is written to help readers regarding a particular topic. In this case I am trying to help you to get more traffic for your blogs. Of course it doesn't necessarily have to be a tutorial-style post. You can also write posts that will benefit your readers like introducing all the delicious food in your place, state or country. So you will keep on writing about places to dine or delicacies to try for this particular "pillar".

In other words your "pillar" post will be something that is pragmatic and will benefit your readers or prospective readers. Pillar post are generally longer than 500 words and it is scattered with lots of useful tips and advice. What so special about pillar post is that it has a long term attraction to it. It will stay current and it seldom (or never) get out of date. So pillar posts can offer your readers knowledge, value and insight that will hardly expire. My blog post about 18 ways on how to make money blogging is another great example of pillar post. Last but not least, try to imagine your house without the pillars...

2~Write at least 1 blog post every day
It is paramount for you to write at least one post a day especially if you have just started blogging. Of course this tip still applies for all the novice and advanced bloggers too. Then again not every post should be "pillar" posts. So we have to keep our blogs "fresh" all the time by supplying them with new content at least once a day. Just assume your blog is like a plant that needs to be watered everyday!

Updating your blog on a daily basis will allow you to retain more readers. For example, when a new reader landed on your blog and know that the blog is updated daily, he or she will visit again tomorrow. Your new readers will be looking forward to know more about your posts. They will be eager to "see" you again the next day. The ultimate end result that we want is your new readers will subscribe to your blog and become your loyal legions. So you clearly see the importance of creating new "baits" aka posts every day.

3~It is all about commenting
This is by far the easiest way for you to get your traffic with a higher conversion. Now that you have set up your blog and stuff it with lots of fresh content daily, it is time for you to find your consumers-readers. Start commenting on other people's blogs. Wait...wait...not just any blog. It is advisable for you to comment on blogs which are similar to yours in terms of topics and niches. Why? Because when they know you are in the same "wavelength" as them, they are more likely to visit your blog. These people are more likely to be your loyal readers.

4~Submit and Ping your blog
This method is not going to guarantee you will get massive readers or visitors. But at least it gives you the much needed exposure. You can submit your blogs to hundreds of blog or article directories out there such as   DiggStumbleUponBlogMalaysia, just to name a few. Besides that you should also ping your blog. What is a ping? Hmm...simply put when you ping your blog, updates from your blog will be informed to a lot other sites which aggregate content. The ping services that I usually use are Ping-o-Matic! and Blogged.My.

5~Get your own unique domain name
Yes you heard me right. If you really want to consider yourself to be a serious blogger, then I advice you to get your very own custom domain name. By having your own unique domain name, you will rank better than those "riding" on other blog-hosting domain such as Blogspot or Wordpress. No disrespect to them but the brutal truth is when you rank better you will get more traffic.

Moreover if you have your own custom domain name, people will remember you (your blog) better and it is easier for them to memorize, recall or even refer your blog to other people. You will be more distinct or you can recognizable. I have personally feel this effect when I decided to get my own domain name. Don't you think the name-Tekkaus, is very simple for you to remember? Most importantly get your domain name from a reliable company such as ServerFreak.

Top 5 Blog Traffic Tips From Yaro Starak,Blog Traffic Tips
A lot of readers will be flocking to your blog soon. ;)

Still feeling a little skeptical? Why not challenge yourself and try all of them. Use the blog tips above religiously for 30 days and I am sure you blog traffic will increase. I know it works because I have tried them and I personally feel that they are still very useful till this very day. I am only scratching at the surface on how to get more blog traffic. So you have to stay tuned to know the detailed strategies and methods I am using to get free, flowing blog traffic. That's all from me today folks. I hope you will find these blog traffic tips useful.