Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die To Simpang Ampat Accident Victims?

Last Sunday was an auspicious day when hundreds if not thousands of couples across the globe tied their knots because the date 10-10-10 came only once in a century. It was a blissful moment for them amidst the wedding bells and flowers...but for some it was the end of the road for their journey. Last Sunday evening at around 6.40p.m., 15 people's journeys were abruptly halted when they were involved in one of the worst accident in Simpang Ampat, Melaka. 12 were killed on the spot while another 3 succumbed to their injuries and died later.

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die,Simpang Ampat Accident
15 were killed by this terrible accident!

I was wondering how this supposedly promising day turned out to be a hell for the 15 unfortunate people (who were killed) and a chaotic nightmare for all the involved families! Is it because of the numbers itself? The once in a century date-10-10-10 when you read it mandarin, it literally means "Shi-Shi-Shi" or Die Die Die! Gosh! But then again I know it was not because of the date. It all boiled down (99%) to human error. So what really happened on Sunday? I don't know. No one can tell...but I will tell you what I think at the end of the post.

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die,Simpang Ampat Accident
To them 10-10-10 means blissful marriage...but to some...

Yesterday while I was watching the evening news, the plight of the surviving victims in the hospital make my heart aches. There was this lady who was preparing to get married soon. The terrible accident not only broke her backbone but also wreaked her dream of building her family. Her fiancée was by her side holding her hand weeping...while she was staring into blank...clearly still traumatized and in great despair! I hope miracle happens and allow her to recuperate. Please God!

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die,Simpang Ampat Accident
...10-10-10 was a nightmare for her...

This morning as usual I pushed open my iron gate to grab TheStar newspaper sent by my paperboy(man)...but the moment I saw the front page...I was disheartened but what I saw plastered on the front page of the newspaper. A father was seen hugging his family members, mourning the death of his son. They couldn't take it. A moment, he was with them happily enjoying their meal...and one day later...they had to identify him in the morgue. Who can withstand such emtotional suffering?

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die,Simpang Ampat Accident
Too devastating for anyone to take it...

This accident will also caused a father to blame himself for his entire lifetime. Fadzry Tan Abdullah, a technician has always forbid his 18 years old daughter to travel by bus for long journeys. However, he gave in and granted her permission to visit her friends in Kualau Lumpur and her daughter's first bus trip is her last. I am sure he must be very distraught to know that he indirectly caused her daughter to be killed. He must have regretted it but it is too already. She has already gone.

10-10-10 Means Die Die Die,Simpang Ampat Accident
It is fated...I hope the father will not blame himself...

The burning question right now is: Who should be blamed? Is it the bus driver? Do you know that he has no summon to his name at all? What if he was not speeding? What if he was suffering from heart attack and while he was struggling, his accidentally stepped on the gas pedal? Or was it the bus manufacturer's fault for not building a better, safer bus? Or was it because Puspakom was not doing their job properly? Or was it because the guardrail failed to retain the bus in its own lane? Or was it because of lack of enforcement? The blame game begins...

Wait...or was it because God wanted their lives to end this way...

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