Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tasting Baker's Cottage Precious Black & Grand Ruby Mooncake

Still remember last year my wife and I traveled to KL to buy some Baker's Cottage mooncakes. We bought lots of mooncakes and in the end I had too much mooncakes. Although our taste buds did savor so many different variety of mooncakes, we were unable to get the much-hyped Precious Black mooncake from Baker's Cottage. This year I didn't even bother to buy a single mooncake because people kept on giving me mooncakes. Ha :D And guess what I received from my boss when I returned to work after surviving dengue fever-Baker's Cottage mooncakes.

Baker Cottage Mooncakes
Baker's Cottage Mooncakes

Yupe! The moment I reached my office table, a bag was awaiting my arrival. It read Baker's Cottage. I opened and there they were greeting me. 2 packets of Baker's Cottage mooncakes. I carefully carried both of them out of the bag and I was excited when one of them is the mooncake that I have been craving for almost a year-The Black Precious. Do you know that its pastry skin is made from pure charcoal butter? Awesome right? I was made even happier when I discovered that the other mooncake is the Grand Ruby which Baker's Cottage was promoting this year.

Baker Cottage Mooncakes
The elusive Precious Black that eluded me last year!

Baker Cottage Mooncakes
The grand...well...Grand Ruby.

I feel darn lucky to be able to taste these both mooncakes. The best part is I don't have to buy them. So thank you to my boss for being so generous. Apparently all my colleagues received 2 Baker's Cottage mooncakes each. There are around 100 of us working in the company. mooncakes were given out? How generous huh! Ok I wanna taste my Precious Black and Grand Ruby right now. :)

P.S.: Both mooncakes tasted good...but well...just not up to my expectations. So what mooncakes did you guys had this year?