Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too Much Mooncakes O...

Exactly one week ago I posted about the Mooncakes which I would be eating after the prayers. I mentioned that I had to wait another 3 more days (last Saturday) before I could gobble all those yummy-licious mooncakes! 3 days had passed and we had offered the mooncakes during our prayers, So I happily cut the mooncakes into slices and eat it. Now...I'm having second thought about mooncakes. Haha :D Well...actually not all mooncakes are that palatable. Looks can be deceiving after all!

Guess what flavour of mooncake I was licking?

This year is rather special because we have bought and received at least 15 different variety of these pastries. I tried each and everyone of them. Some are delicious while the others are that too my liking. As promised earlier on, I would be sharing the pictures of those mooncakes to all of you. Sadly some of them had made their ways into our stomach sooner than I could grab my camera. Thank goodness there were still a few "survivors", intact within their wrappers waiting to be snapped by me. So here they are folks. :p

Nyonya style mooncake with dried shrimp!

My FAV-Blackcurrant Cheese! Yum! Yum!

The aromatic Green Tea Berries. :)

Aww...Crystalline Pearly Jade With Spirulina (Pandan)

Jelly Mooncakes!

With red bean stuffing!

There were Durian flavour, Dragon Fruit Favour....Hmm...I'm sorry that I can't remember all the names. :p But of all the mooncakes I have eaten, I must say that Baker's Cottage Blackcurrant Cheese is my favourite! Then their Pandan mooncake came mightily close at second place. Then again...I was just spoilt for so many choices. :p

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