Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5++ Things You Don't Know About Kelly Clarkson!

I believe Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful idols ever to breakaway from the rest. She grew up in Burleson, Taxas and couldn't afford singing lessons. However her love for music and perseverance has paid off. Her powerful soaring vocals made her American Idol's very first champion! Ever since then Kelly has never look back and she has sold more than 20 million records and garnered 2 Grammys! With so much recognition and fame, Clarkson has managed to stay more heartland than Hollywood!

Clarkson shun the limelight for her comfy ranch, which she shares with her mother, brother (Jason) and her sister (Alyssa). Guess what? There are even 11 horses, 8 dogs and a 9-kilos feline in Clarkon's home. It looks like Clarkson is just different from the rest of the idols huh! Yep! So today we are going to know Clarkson a little more. That's why I picked Because of You as my Music Monday. So are you ready to know more about this down-to-earth Clarkson?

When did she wrote her first song?
Ten or eleven. Her mother was struggling financially and emotionally (Clarkson's parents divorced when she was 6), so she Clarkson didn't talk a lot. Finally her mother gave her a notebook to let her ope up. She did and her poems turned into lyrics and finally it became therapeutic.

Do you know that Clarkson grew up poor?
She grew up in a hardworking but didn't have a lot of money to spare. However when she was in 6th grade, her mum got a bonus at work and instead of paying off the bills, her mother bought Clarkson a CD player and 4 Reba McEntire CDs. Of course she wore those CDs out.

What? She Passed on College Music Scholarships?
Yes. She did that and everyone thought that she was crazy. Eventually Clarkson went to California and she worked as singing backup. Then one day after she and her friend have saved enough money, the moved into their own apartment. And the day they moved into their own place, the whole building burned down. Good grief! Then she had to stay in her car for a few days so she could save enough to drive back to Texas. When she got home, a friend told her about American Idol audition in Dallas and there was how everything started!

Clarkson was the Dark Horse.
She was the dark horse and not the hot favourite. After the finale,a few members of the crew approached Clarkson and told her that they didn't expect her to win. Guess not everyone is rooting for her after all.

How does being a child of divorce has affected Clarkson?
Contrary to popular beliefs, Clarkson do let people into her life. But when some people screw up in a huge way, it will be almost impossible for her to get over it. And she definitely not one of those people who keep going back to someone who hurt them.

Is Clarkson seeing anyone right now?
Hmm...NO! Currently she is a big fan of being single. She gets to do a lot of selfish things such as traveling and touring the world. But then again, it has always been Clarkson's dream to find the Mr. Right to settle down and adopt a kid! YES, adopt!

Why Adopt, Clarkson?
She grew up with a lot of other parental influences around her, so she doesn't think she has to be blood-related to love and support a child. Does that mean she is not going to bear her own child? Hmm...beat me too.

That's all for now folks. Wanna know more about Kelly Clarkson? Just visit her fan sites and you'll be amazed to see what Kelly can share with you. Then again, here are 5 more things that I think you don't know about her. They are...

5 Things You Don't Know About Kelly

1~Hugh Jackman is her celebrity crush. But she doesn't like the pretty Hugh Jackman. Instead she fancy the hairier, dirtier Hugh, like Wolverine. Woohoo! ;p

Clarkson's crush?

2~Her all-time favourite show is "Designing Women." She wants to be Dixie Carter. She loves how Dixie goes off on people who are jerks.

3~She is a huge Scrabble fan. Does she usually win? Of course.

4~Her worst job was working at the zoo. She tries surviving a Texas summer cleaning up monkey poo.

5~She's obsessive-compulsive about numbers. Ever since she was a kid, everything has had to be even: the volume dial on the TV, the number of books on my her bookshelf.

So did you know all 5 of the facts about her? If you are her sworn die-hard fans, I'm sure you know about this right? :p Last but not least let's enjoy Clarkson latest song-Already Gone!

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