Monday, October 5, 2009

Kelly Clarkson's Empathizing Because of You!

So how was your weekend? And more importantly how was your Mid Autumn festival? Did you have lots of mooncake? Well, our routines have started again right! In a blink, it is Monday again! Time flies so damn fast huh! We are just 3 months away from year 2010! So do you guys have the Monday blues when you woke up today? Still haven't shake up that moody feeling? Guess what? I'm gonna rub a little salt onto your wounds if you are related to the song I'm about to share this week! Don't get me wrong. What I meant is this song is very touching and has a lot to offer to all of us. ;)

Still stuck?

For this week's Music Monday, I decided to pick Kelly Clarkson's Because of You! I love this song very much and I'm sure a lot of you do too. Some people might thought it was a song meant for those heart-broken lovers. Correct me if I'm wrong, this song tells about Clarkson's relationship with her father and family when she was young right? Kinda sad if you ask me. I think she had a rather unhappy childhood if the song was to be used as reference. A sad, sad song actually.

Do you know that the video Because of You have won the 2006 MTV Video Music Award for best female video. You certainly will agree with me if you have watched it. The video starts off with a couple fighting in front of their little innocent child. Then the video depicts a father neglecting his daughter painting (and emotion) because he was busy yakking on the phone! Watch it for yourself folks. Too bad I can't embed the video from Youtube! Anyway here's the link for the video.

Then again, you can watch this video! :)

If you day started at the wrong note, don't worry! I'm sure the Blues might have shake off by now! Have a nice day guys. Over and out!

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