Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jordan~Let's Go Find Mommy

On one fine day, I was carrying my baby Jordan when he cried. He kept on crying and he told me (yes, I understood baby language) that he wanted to find his dearest mommy. I was sitting on the floor when I was carrying him and little Jordan didn't want me to stand up anymore. He was not happy that I didn't bring him to his mommy. So he persuaded me with his baby "cry" to find his mommy. Guess what I did? Guess how I brought him to my wife.  LOL :D

Jordan Let's Go Find Mommy
Jordan is not happy with daddy. :(

Baby Jordan couldn't wait any longer. He started to show me his "sour" face. Haha :D And since I was not allowed to stand up, I used my buttock to bring my little Jordan to his mommy. Look at my baby Jordan's expression. Can you tell what he was thinking back then when I moved towards his mama? I think baby Jordan felt his daddy is crazy and lame. LOL :D What say you? Now let's watch the short clip together...

Jordan~Let's Go Find Mommy

Haha :D Very lame right? Nah~I just want to entertain my baby Jordan. I hope that I can make him happy with my antics. I want my baby Jordan to grow up to be an eccentric boy just like his daddy. I want him to be cheerful and jolly all the time-just like daddy. I hope one day baby Jordan will be able to view this video. :D

P.S.: Don't Boo me. I know I am lame. Anyway thanks for dropping by. Haha :D