Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Idiotic Bosnian Girl Threw Puppies Into The River!

Bosnia used to be a war-ravaged place. But now it seems that their good living condition has prompted a girl to throw puppies into the river! I was shocked to know about this from my good buddy-Shun2u. This crazy Bosnian girl (yes, she is a f*cking GIRL) threw not one, not two but SIX poor little puppies into the river! OMG! I was so pissed off at the sight of this bitch throwing the poor, helpless puppies into the river. Clad in her red sweater, this Bosnian girl grabbed each of the puppies one by one from the white pail and hurled it into the river.

Bosnian Girl Who Threw Puppies Into The River
Look at this Bosnian (bitch) girl...she was smiling..she was enjoying her crime!!!

What happened to this Bosnian girl? To think that useless men would torture, slaughter and eat large, adult dog meat is already disgusting...but this idiotic Bosnian girl really took everything to a whole new level. She threw 6 puppies which were just a few days old into the cold, raging river! Why would she do that? The puppies were gifts from her ex-boy friend? So now she wanted to vent anger by throwing them into the river? Or is she the pitcher of her school softball team, hence she wanted to practice a bit? Or is it because of PMS? And there was also claims that she did it to end the misery of those "poor, sick" puppies. My foot! What the heck!

Bosnian Girl Who Threw Puppies Into The River
Arrgghhh....why would she do this to those puppies?
(Picture curtersy of Alvinology.wordpress.com)

The terrible part about this 45 seconds video is that this Bosnian girl showed no remorse whatsoever at all when she was throwing those puppies into the river. The worst part is...she was smiling and enjoying what she was doing-disposing the puppies. And her best friend had the cheek to record everything instead of stopping her. What's wrong with these Bosnians? OMG! I hope that the police would be able to catch her and give her hell! PETA is also offering reward for the capture of this Bosnian Bit*h (heck! We don't need any reward to catch this devil). And do you know there is even a Facebook Group called Find The Girl Who Threw Puppies In River to track this Bosnian girl down?

Warning! You might not like what you will be watching...

Crazy Bosnian Girl Threw Puppies Into The River

Arrgghhh...We must track her down and hunt her! I wish she would be hung on a tractor or something...and then all of us should grab all the stones and rocks that we could gather and pelt her. Or we should throw this Bosnian girl into the river 6 times until all the bones in her body are broken. Damn! I sound like a sadist...but that's how angry I am right now. I am sure thousands if not millions are equally angry with her inhumane act. What has those 6 cute little puppies done to deserve this punishment?

Bosnian Girl Who Threw Puppies Into The River
Is this the Bosnian girl?

P.S. Sorry for my vulgarity and the insane punishment methods that I suggested...I was just too overwhelmed...