Friday, September 24, 2010

How I Survived Dengue Fever

I can safely claim that I am still alive after battling a tormenting infectious disease! Tormenting in a sense that it tortures me emotionally. Last Wednesday was the last day I posted about me being sick (Fatal 4: Fever, Headache, Cold, Flu) before I became a recluse and went missing "online" for a few days! 10 days have gone and today I am going to reveal to all of you (especially those who care deeply about me) why you have not heard from me all this while.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
My blood test result

It was like a never-ending nightmare. My ordeal started last Monday (12th September 2010) evening. After I have taken my dinner, I felt my head was a little bit heavier than usual. I visited the clinic which is just a stone throw away, but the doctor was not in. So I walked to the grocery shop and grabbed Panadol Activefast (Paracetamol). Swallowed 8 tablets and I still had fever. So the next day I went to see the doctor in my hometown (Tengkera) and well...the doctor prescribed paracetamol for me again! As it turned condition became worse.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Immediately I was given "salt" drip upon reaching the Emergency Unit

Last Wednesday night, I had a terribly hard time trying to get some sleep. My body started to chill. I was shivering and trembling. I had to put on socks and covered myself with 2 thick blankets. The worse has yet to come. Then I started to feel that my muscles and joints especially my knees were extremely painful. There was no way for me to stop it as the pain was "attacking" me from inside. I felt like someone was trying to jerk off my knees...the agony was so excruciating. I felt like my bones had been broken into pieces...

How I Survived Dengue Fever
My "5 star" NO. 29 bed!

Thursday arrived...I woke up still feeling feverish. I continued to consume those paracetamol and finally my fever had gone. I was so relieved but my wife sensed something was amiss and she urged me to go for a blood test which I reluctantly did. The next day I received a call from the clinic. The doctor at the other end told me that I might had been infected by dengue. Honestly I was kind of expecting it. Hence I went to the clinic to obtain my blood test report and off I headed to the hospital. I had to "check in" via the emergency unit.

The toilet looks quite ok right?

Once I was in the emergency unit the doctor took my blood sample and immediately they had confirmed that I might had been infected by dengue. My platelets count was way too low and I was sent to a ward full of people who were stung by Aedes mosquito! The number of my bed was 29 and I will never ever forget it. So my "wonderful" stay in hospital had begun. I was admitted on Friday and I was stuck in the hospital for 5 days. To be in the ward was really boring and tormenting. I felt like I was being quarantined. But I know they had to monitor my condition so that it would not aggravate.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
I had to record the amount of water that I drank and "released"!

How I survived Dengue Fever
I had to use this cup to measure my liquid intake.
I had drunk lots of 100 PLUS!

Guess what I did in the hospital? Well...basically I ate, sleep, answered nature calls and nothing else...oh~ wait! I had to be poked at least twice every day. Yupe! Doctor would come and extract my blood using the dreaded syringe every morning and evening. I said at least twice because some doctors are not experienced enough, so they might need to insert the needle more than once to obtain your blood. Yes! It happened to me a few times. Then again I didn't mind because I wanted to go home as soon as possible. So the earlier the doctor detected a hike in my platelets count, the sooner I can be home.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
I had to pee in this container! :D

While I as in the hospital I consumed at least 10 liters of water or 100 plus daily. Those who have dengue should take in as much liquid as possible to get our body hydrated. Do you know that we are supposed to record our water consumption and our excretion? Yes, each time when I entered the toilet to pee, I need to measure how much of urine had been excreted by me. It might sound a little ridiculous or even disgusting but this measure is very crucial. Doctors will determine if your condition has worsen by keeping tab of these records.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Newspaper-one of my source entertainment.

I had mentioned that I would never forget the number of my bed-29, right? Wanna know? Because that bed of mine is the only bed in the whole ward without a ceiling fan! Can you imagine I had to stay there for 5 days without any fan? That was why I always slept around 3am in the morning after I had become extremely tired. I felt so uncomfortable...goodness gracious! At times, I felt like taking off my shirt.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Where is the ceiling fan?

I am grateful that during my stay in the hospital my family kept on visiting me whenever they could especially my dad and my dearest wife. My dad would always replenish my supply of water and 100 plus while my wife would always prepare the "toad" soup for me every single evening after she came back from work. I am so lucky to have them. And that's why I wished I could get well soon. Too bad my wish is nobody's command.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Can you count how many "holes" are there?

How I Survived Dengue Fever
My blood has to be extracted (at least) twice daily!

Every day I prayed that my platelets count will increase so that I could be discharged. But the opposite happened. My platelets count kept on dropping and it really freaked me out. That's why I could not get back home. It was really depressing for me to be in the hospital because I could not see my little Jordan. I missed my little Jordan so much that I actually cried. We had to send him to the babysitter's place and my wife told me that little Jordan was not happy at all. He didn't smile like he always would. The babysitter told my wife that little Jordan couldn't sleep and was always sad. I am sure he missed me too. That was why I wanted to get out from the hospital so desperately! :(

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Thank goodness on the last day I received this "gift". :)

Moreover I was worried that if my platelets count kept on nosediving my dengue fever would turned into the more lethal hemorrhaging type! If my body is hemorrhaging (bleeding) from the inside...there will be little hope left. I might die...and that's why I was very worried. What will happen if it happen? Thank goodness on Tuesday morning my platelets count increased again and doctor said I could be discharged. Finally! I wanna thank God that nothing happened to me.

How I Survived Dengue Fever
Ouh yeah~everything is FREE! I don't have to pay anything.

So now you know why I had been missing for the past 10 days. Dengue fever could be deadly especially if you don't seek medical advice ASAP! Remember there is no cure for dengue fever. If you are feeling feverish for a few days, don't take it for granted. That's all for now folks. I am still very weak after that miserable dengue virus infection. The doctor said I need at least a month to recover. So...I might take another few more days rest in order for me to recuperate. :(

How I Survived Dengue Fever
I am still feeling...sick...very tired...

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