Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fatal 4: Fever, Headache, Cough, Flu

For the past 48 hours, I have done nothing...but lying on the bed. I felt so miserable. Being floored by fever alone is already damn seems that headache, cough and flu want to join the party to ruin my days. I really hate it when I get sick. 2 days ago I consumed 8 Panadol Activefast...but nothing happened. So last night I went to the clinic to see the expert-doctor. Right now I am feeling slightly better, but I still need ample of rest. Now you know why I have been missing in action right?


I wonder why I have become so feeble suddenly? Is it because of exhaustion? I believe so...or is it due to lack of exercise? I didn't play basketball for more than 10 days already. Whatever the reason is...all I need to do is have lots of rest right now. Sorry if I can't visit your blogs for the time being ya. I don't want you to get infected too. Ha :D

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