Monday, September 13, 2010

Ladies! Show Your Cleavage And Get Fired!

Are you one of those girls who love to flaunt your assets-your breast (part of it of course)? Are you one of those ladies who love to reveal your flesh? Are you one of those women who feel it is your freedom to dress whatever you want no matter where you are? Well...if you are one those chicks who love to expose your back, your is time for you to rethink your fashion sense. Women employees in Singapore RISK losing their jobs for wearing low-cut outfits.

Reveal Your Cleavage And Get Fired
Of course not to this extent~lar!

Yes! According to Sin Chew Daily, if you are one of those women who love low-cut outfits that reveal your cleavage, your boss will fire you! Do you know that many employers feel that those outfits revealing cleavage were a unnecessary distraction in work place! It is reported that women employees with cleavage-revealing attires may face "communication problems" as the person may not be paying attention to what she was saying. In other words, those skimpy outfit will only make your colleagues (especially men) stare at your boobs rather than at your face while you are in a meeting. :/

Reveal Your Cleavage And Get Fired
Any of you have this outfit? :p

Moreover, Sin Chew Daily also reported that image consultants were also of the opinion that revealing too much is not suitable for work. So the next time you think about putting on your skimpy outfit to work, think again. Put on your sexy dress, and you will get your the boot from your boss (especially your green eyed lady bosses). So girls do you still think you are hot and sexy? You have been warned ladies. You have been sternly warned!

Reveal Your Cleavage And Get Fired
You can if you want to put your job on the line.

Then again work is all about professionalism right? So you don't need to dress to impress. Suitable attire will do. And here's something totally unrelated (or maybe related): Do you know that the breasts of Singaporean women were getting bigger? It is said that 5 years ago, the bra size of many women was 75B but now it is 75D. OMG! That's a whopping 2 levels upgrade! Singaporean doctors have blamed nutritious food has caused Singaporean women to grow taller and have bigger breasts. What about Malaysian women?