Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration

Woke up around 6a.m. today. It was really chilling cold I tell you. Then I went to the market near my house to buy some fish and vegetables. More importantly I went there to grab the most important food of the day-Ang Ku Kuih. Yep! I ordered 30 of these "Ang Ku Kuih" for my little Jordan's full moon celebration. Yep! Today my whole family is very excited because we would be celebrating little Jordan's important day. By the time I reached home, almost all my family members were awake. :)

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Ang Ku Kuih
Ang Ku Kuih!

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,red Eggs
Red Eggs-A must have during full moon celebration

After all of us had taken our shower, off we (daddy, my brother and me) went to the bakery shop. 10 minutes of drive and we were already there busy moving all those boxes of Full Moon tarts and eggs into the car. Then we headed for our next stop-my grandparents house. We placed our offerings together with the special full moon  tarts. Then we immediately rushed home to pray mommy dearest. We have to rush because it will be a whole day "event". :p But on the way we have already sent the full moon boxes to some of our relatives.

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Praying At Grandparents House
Paying our respect to grandparents who have been blessing us.

Then back at home, my little Jordan was already in front of the door, greeting our homecoming. Ha :D My wife told me that he did not want to sleep because he is equally exciting. Hmm...looks like he knows that today is his big day aye. Then came the important ceremonial event. My daddy snipped some of Jordan's hair as a sign that he has grown up. I am sure that my daddy is very ecstatic. Just look at his face and his broad smile. I am happy too. Truly I am. :D

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Praying Mommy Back At Home
Mommy! Today is Jordan's Full Moon celebration~o. :)

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Daddy Snipping Jordan's Hair
Grandpa is all smile. Ha :D

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan Ready To Change
Ready to pom~pom?

After that little Jordan had to take his bath. We included come coins and his gold pendant into his bath tub as a sign of prosperity. Well...the confinement lady said so. After that my little Jordan donned his Disney's Tiger Suit! Roooaaarrr! The outfit which we have bought for him is a little big for him, but I am sure little Jordan will grow up very soon. After he was all dressed up. His "A~Kong" (Grandpa) carried him and offered prayers to the God and my dearest mommy.

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan's Baby Tiger Outfit
Ok, now you can put on your new clothes ya.

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan's Baby Tiger Outfit
"Ok already or not daddy?"

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan's Baby Tiger Outfit
Wait ya~Jordan, just a little bit more.

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan's Baby Tiger Outfit
Roooaar! My beloved little Tiger!

Later on, me and my daddy embarked on our Journey to Tangkak-my beloved late mommy's hometown. It took us around 40 minutes to reach there. My aunties were of course happy to see us appearing at their doorsteps. All of them were saying that they cannot believe that I am now a daddy. They could hardly believe it. So am I. Ha :D We had lunch together and chit chat for a while. After that we headed back to our nest-Malacca.

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Sending Tarts & Eggs
Altogether there will be around 150 boxes to be delivered. :)

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Full Moon Tarts
Here's to all my readers and blogger friends. :D

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Full Moon Tarts & Eggs
Come~have a bite. Don't be shy. :p

Back at home, I slightly pushed the door ajar. I tip toed inside and saw my little Jordan was sound asleep in his warm cot. I looked at my beloved wife and both of us smiled. Both of us are really happy to have little Jordan in our lives. Jordan is truly a blessing to my wife and I. Thank God. And I know that my father, brother, and sister-in-law are very happy too. But I must say that I am the happiest of them all. I am beaming with bliss right now. :D

Jordan's Full Moon Celebration,Jordan's Baby Tiger Outfit
"Daddy! Ah~Kong gimme Ang Pow~o!"

Wait...I am not the happiest. The happiest today is my little tiger-Jordan. Jordan remember...when you grow up you must be filial ya. You must love your Ah~Kong, Tua Pek (Big Uncle), A~yie (Aunty) and especially your Beloved Mommy ok. Jordan must take good care of mommy no matter what ok. Jordan must be good boy ya. Come~daddy kiss.Muack :-X
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