Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jordan Here's Your Disney's Baby Gift Set

A few days ago I went to the new Jusco in Malacca to buy a new suit of clothes for my little Jordan for his "Full Moon" celebration. Initially I only intended to get a shirt and a pants. But when I reached the Babies Department in Jusco, I immediately fell in love this particular box. Straight away I thought of my little Jordan and wanted to get it for him. It was Disney's Baby Gift Set. And it featured the famous Tiger from Winnie the Pooh series. And my little Jordan is a Tiger, that's why I was so compelled to buy it for him.

Disney Tiger Baby Gift Set
Disney Tiger Baby Gift Set for my little Jordan.

Of course the price tag was a little bit expensive (RM60)...but I really don't mind at all. After all it is from Disney mah~besides it is a cute "Tiger Suit"! How can I resist? :p Inside of this Disney's Baby Gift Set you will find a long sleeve front opening tee, a long pants with diaper cut, a bib, a pair of mittens and booties, a bib, a cap and even a soft toys. All of them come in the warm orange colour complete with the iconic stripes. Ha :D

Disney Tiger Baby Gift Set
Roooaarr! Very Tigrish. :p

So Jordan, do you like your new suit of clothes? Papa will let you wear your new clothes during your "Full Moon" celebration ya. Be good boy ok sweetie. Daddy and mommy will always love you. Muack~:-X

Disney Tiger Baby Gift Set
There's even a Tiger soft toy. :)
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