Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tekkaus Is Now A Daddy

That's why I have been missing for such a long time folks. Now you know why I dozed off in front of the traffic light a few days ago. Now you know why I am in MIA mode. It is because yours truly me, Tekkaus, is now a proud daddy. A few days ago my life is completely changed with the advent of this new bundle of joy. Actually my life has already been different the moment I knew about him. His birth is like a confirmation or realization that everything will be new for me. After months of anticipation I finally got to meet my little baby. The 40 weeks of wait is now over for both me and my wife. Right now he is sleeping while I happily type this post overlooking him.

Tekkaus Junior
Say Hi to Tekkaus Junior!

In another few months time, he is going to call me, "Daddy! Dada! Papa" or whatever he wanna describe me. Aww...It is such a surreal feeling to know that my little one is already here by my side. To be able to hug him and kiss him, makes me feel so blissed beyond any words. I am speechless at times. The moment I look into his eyes, I am utterly melted...I felt like diving into his world. OMG! I am a father at the age of 25 (although I wish I could be one earlier). But I am sure my wife is the happiest person right now. My beloved wife risked her life to bring little Tekkaus into this world. It is really excruciating I tell you. I was with her all the time. I love you sweetie.

Tekkaus Junior sweetie is in dreamland. :)

For now, I need to get some rest folks. I'd better to do so while he is taking his slumber. :p My hands will be so full now as there will be more and more of errands to do. I am drained to the max. Exhausted...but I am very, very, very, very, very happy. I am going to be a great daddy! Sounds a little presumptuous and I will be one. Woohoo! A new exciting journey awaits me, my wifey and Tekkaus junior. :)

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