Sunday, July 11, 2010

In The Labor Room With My Wife...

This post is dedicated to my one and only dearest wife who has risked her life to bring our baby into this world. The following includes an account of her sacrifice, tears and blood that she had shed for both the baby and me. To the only woman whom I love with all my life...this post is dedicated to you. I hope you will read this once you have recuperated.

Last Sunday wife suddenly told me that she needed to get into the hospital immediately. She told me that our little baby was coming. Frankly I freaked out in the inside but I kept my composure. I took everything that was necessary and drove her to the hospital. The moment we reached the hospital, I frantically searched for a wheelchair. Thank goodness I spotted one right in front of the entrance. I helped my wife onto the wheelchair, grabbed all the bags and off we went to our destination-Labor Room!

After I had completed all the needed registration and paperwork, I was told to sit outside of the labor room while waiting for my wife. The doctors and nurses attended to my wife. They checked and see if she was ready to give birth. I waited...and waited...and waited for almost 4 hours. It was 5am. and the nurses told me that my wife was not ready yet. Again I grabbed our "luggage" and headed to the ward. I had to leave immediately as it was the ladies' ward. My wife asked me to go back home and get some rest...but how could I leave her? :(

How could I leave her all alone? I couldn't. It never crossed my mind. From her face, I could see that she was under tremendous pain. Her back had been aching for days and the contractions was really making her very uncomfortable. Her face was pale and she could barely walk properly. The pain was so, so, excruciating. Yet...she still sketched a smile and told me everything was fine and persuaded me to leave. I said no and I went to sit on the chair outside of the ward. I knew that I must be by her side. I must be prepared.

The whole Sunday morning I sat on the chair and waited for my wife. She was in severe pain and the painkiller prescribed for her did not even have the slightest effect to alleviate her pain. Then came noon and she was still not ready yet. By then...she was already in tremendous pain. My wife was exhausted because she couldn't sleep, eat or even drink for 2 days. Even going to the toilet was a dreadful moment for her. My heart ached at the sight of my wife suffering from all the pain.

Then came evening...night...and the doctor still said that she was not ready! I waited...and waited...and waited. Suddenly I heard someone was calling me...I must have fallen asleep! Crap! :( I opened my eyes. And there she was standing right in front of me-my poor wife. "Hubby, the doctor said I am ready to deliver our baby!" Still in semi-conscious mode, I instantly jumped onto my feet and accompanied her to the labor room. It was around 1a.m. then and my wife was preparing for that vital moment. All I could do was wait for someone to tell me that I could enter.

I kept on looking at my wrist watch and nervously waiting for my wife. I was so anxious and tired at the same time. But the moment I was about to doze off (again), the nurse called out for my name! My wife NEEDED me. I dashed into her labor room. My wife's legs were spread wide open. I could see that she was relieved to know that I was by her side. But her battle had just began. The doctor poked her water bag to induce our baby's birth.

I knew my wife needed me to be by her side all the time. The moment I stepped into the labor room she grabbed my hand and kept on looking at me during the whole process. She really, really tried hard to push our baby out of her womb. She tried and tried but her effort was in vain. I held her hand tightly and reassured her that everything was going to be alright...until...the doctor said that she had to push harder. And so she did...yet...our baby's head was no where to be seen.

Suddenly we heard some weird sound emitted from the CTG (Cardiotocography) device. It was attached directly on top of my wife's womb, indicating our baby's heart beat. The doctor said that our baby's heart was weakening and if he was not delivered immediately...he would die. Due to the lack of oxygen, our baby was actually ingesting his own meconium (an infant's earliest stools) which would suffocate and kill him. My wife almost broke down but I kept on telling her that we would make it. To be honest...I was very, very worried by then. I don't want anything to happen to both my wife and our baby.

My wife used all her energy to push our baby. But the doctor decided that they could not wait anymore and so they told us that they were going to vacuum our baby out. I was seemed like everything had become worse. I quickly snapped out of it and smiled at my wife, telling her that everything would be alright. She continued to push and push...I knew she was tired...too tired. Imagine not sleeping and eating for two days coupled with all the tormenting pain. I was so helpless. There was this one moment where my wife was almost breathless...I was so helpless. My heart wrenched to see my wife endured these pains all by herself. All I could do was...well..nothing at all.

My wife continued to push despite the agonizing pain. Finally our baby's head could be seen. But still my wife needed more help. She was just too drained. Then came a few more experienced nurses to help my wife to deliver our baby. One doctor was using a special plastic vacuum to suck our baby's head. Another two more nurses were actually helping to push our baby out from the womb. All of them tried really, really hard especially my wife...and finally our baby was delivered. I was so relieved to see him safely out.

The moment he was delivered, doctors used some tubes to suck any possible liquid or meconium via his nostril and mouth. Later one of the nurses put our baby on my wife and asked her whether it was a boy or a girl. After that she immediately sent him to another room. Both me and my wife were worried because our baby was not crying. Then suddenly I heard the cry of a baby. I rushed to the other room and the doctor said our baby was crying and he is safe. :) Our baby was then sent to the Nursery Care Unit for further observation because they were worried that the vacuum would injure his head.

I told my wife about this good news (our baby cried) and from the look of her face I knew she was really happy. But a few moments later...the doctors told me that I had to leave because they needed to stitch up my wife's gaping wounds. My wife's body was severely injured. 3 tormenting hours were needed to stitch her wounds up without any painkiller or anesthetic. What? Can you even imagine that pain? And she even lost 500ml of blood. I felt so terrible and helpless. All I could do was wait for her outside of the labor room. I actually buried my head in my hands and cry. :'( wife was pushed out of the labor room on a gurney. She looked at me and flashed her smile. She told me that everything was going to be ok for her. I accompanied her back to the ladies' ward and I had to leave her alone as I was not allowed to be in the ward except during visiting hours. My wife was really, really feeble and she could barely walk after suffering so much for our baby's delivery. She could not sit and even sleeping hurt her a lot. As I walked towards the waiting lobby...tears streamed down my face. I looked at the pictures of my wife and said, "I will always love you alone wifey!" And I will.

Wifey & Tekkaus Junior

I just want to tell my wife that I really, really love her. And there is no one in this world that can ever replace her in my heart and life. She is my everything! She is my life! I can't live without her. Sweetie, hubby want you to know that no matter what...I will always love you.