Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oracle Octopus: Bet On Germany To Win!

Later tonight at 10pm (Malaysian Time), the match between Germany and Argentina will kick off. Will Maradona's Argentina bow out from the match as predicted by Paul. Who? Ouh...Paul is the 8 legged Octopus with the ability to foresee the future. And Paul has predicted that Germany will destroy Argentina's dream to march into the semi-final. But what if Paul, dubbed as the Oracle Octopus got it wrong this time? What if Germany's young side is too "small" to withstand the onslaught of the Messi-ah and his legions of armies?

Paul,Oracle Octopus,World Cup
Paul says Germany will be victor.

Paul, which is an English-born octopus in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, selected Germany and prophesies that the young German team will slay Argentina in a quarterfinal match. Do you know that Paul's prediction has 100% track record? Paul the oracle has correctly tipped Germany to beat Ghana and Australia in their Group D matches. Surprisingly he had also correctly predicted Germany's fall to Serbia. Now how convincing is that? Then Paulwho was born in England, also treacherously but correctly foretold Germany's drubbing 4-1 victory in the two teams' last-16 clash last Sunday. Incredulous.

Paul,Oracle Octopus,World Cup
England has already lost before the match had begun.

So Paul has predicted all the outcome of 4 matches correctly. Will today's duel between Argentina and Germany extend his "winning" streak? I don't know. That we have to wait for the final whistle. So how do Paul make his divination? First we will need to boxes. One with a German flag and the other one with their opponent's. The 2 boxes are then lowered into Paul's tank, each with a tantalizing morsel of food inside (no wonder). Then Paul will pick the food from the 2 boxes. The one which he pick will be the winner.

See how Paul the oracle pick his team!

Is Paul really an Oracle? Will the overwhelming hot favourite-Argentina, really be denied by Leow's young, blistering Germany? If Paul is correct again, it will be a legend. Football betters and pundits will be worshiping Paul. But then again every soothsayer will have a bad hair day. Is it today? What if Paul is wrong? He will be on the dining plate? :p

Paul,Oracle Octopus,World Cup
Paul is a physic?

I assume millions of people are placing their bets for Germany to win. So who will you pick? Do you go for Argentina? Or you will obey the oracle octopus' divination? Who will you bet your money on? So don't miss the match between Argentina VS Germany ok.