Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Ate And Stepped On Cristiano Ronaldo

Still remember a few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo who failed to help Portugal to edge Spain spitted at TV camera? Gosh! He is such a sour loser! You see after Portugal was defeated, Ronaldo was trailed by a cameraman. The Portugal captain was obviously angry and he reacted by waving the cameraman away and then that was when he...SPITTED (Puuuuiiiiii) at all of us around the world! Ouch...his spit was directed right on our faces...can you feel it? Yikes! Millions of people across the globe have seen and felt it. What a shame Ronaldo. *Tsk! Tsk!*

Cristiano Ronaldo Spit
Yucks! Why did he wanna do this? how disgusting it was...

So despicable of him to spit! Yucks! Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn't have spitted at us. He is after all being looked up as a role model by lots of children and teenagers. In fact people from all walks of lives adore him. Ronaldo needs to be reminded that he should accept defeat gracefully and not vent his anger and frustration aimlessly we will need to avenge his misconduct!

I am going to eat and step on Cristiano Ronaldo!

Yes...but...this "mini" Ronaldo will have to do...

Cristiano Ronaldo Spit

Cristiano Ronaldo Spit
Mmmm....surprisingly you taste good Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Spit
How do you like my Hong Kong foot?

Cristiano Ronaldo Spit
Now will you spit in front of global TV again huh?

Then again we can't really blame this bloke for blowing his top huh! After all his World Cup dream was just crushed right in front of him. I can understand his feeling. I would have done the same too. World Cup only happens once in 4 years so he must be feeling very miserable back then. Actually he is one of my favourite footballers along with David Beckham. So...I forgave him...after eating and stomping him. LOL :D