Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Wedding Statue & Mug

This morning I have told you guys that on my birthday I received 4 birthday presents right? And I have mentioned that present A and present B are very, very similar to each other. Remember? So far non of you are able to guess both these two present correctly. Are you ready? Let's look at the clues again:

"Present A Actually I have blogged about this present some time ago. I gave it to my wife for one of our anniversary. So she gave it to me because I wanted to have one but I insisted that she buy for me. Do you still remember?

Present B Hmm...I can only say that this present is very, very similar to present A. It is something that I can use every single day. So what do I use every day? In fact each and everyone of us will use it too every day."

Wedding Mug,Wedding Statue
My present A & B

You see, present A is something that I have given to my wife some time ago during our 4th anniversary. So my wife bought another identical one and gave it to me as my birthday gift. It is a statue of a bride and a bridegroom clad in traditional wedding costume, holding each others' hands. I am going to put this lovely statue on my office table. Just like how my wife put the one I gave her on her office table. :)

Wedding Mug,Wedding Statue
Present A: Cute wedding statue

Wedding Mug,Wedding Statue
Present B: Adorable wedding mug

Present B is a mug. It is very similar to present A. Why? Because it also features the bride and bridegroom. And I am going to use it every day in the office to drink my coffee. Ha :D It is bigger than my current stainless steel cup. So I can guzzle down more Nescafe. Hey, even the colour is so matching to my favourite coffee-red! Thanks sweetie. :p

Wedding Mug,Wedding Statue
I love my wedding statue and mug. :)

Tomorrow I am going to unveil the third present. The hint can be found in my previous post. Let's see if you have guessed it right shall we?

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