Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 4 Birthday Presents

I must say this year is gotta be one of the most rewarding birthday for me. Little did I know I would be receiving so many exorbitant presents from my family especially my dearest wife for my 25th Birthday. All I ever wanted was a birthday dinner together with my daddy, brother and wifey. I thought we would have our dinner at Secret Recipe or Kenny Roger and then that was it. But later at night my wife gave me a shocking surprise. A few minutes before my birthday was over, my wife asked me to close my eyes. A moment later she "instructed" me to open my eyes...I was flabbergasted...

Birthday Presents,Birthday Card
My birthday card. :)

In front of me...there was not only ONE, not TWO...but FOUR different presents. Of course I was flabbergasted. Even you would. My wife presented to me each and every one of the presents to me. But the last one really hit me so hard that I thought I was dreaming. It felt so incredulous to have it on my hand. I am so damn thrilled to be able to touch it. Till today I still feel it was like a dream. Ha :D So wanna know what presents I received?

Birthday Presents,Birthday Card
Wholeheartedly from me dearest wife.

I am not going to tell you folks what I received but I will give you some hints. And ouh yeah! I even included a photo at the bottom of this post. See if you can guess it right. Here goes:

Present A Actually I have blogged about this present some time ago. I gave it to my wife for one of our anniversary. So she gave it to me because I wanted to have one but I insisted that she buy for me. Do you still remember?

Present B Hmm...I can only say that this present is very, very similar to present A. It is something that I can use every single day. So what do I use every day? In fact each and everyone of us will use it too every day.

Present C A~ha! Present C is actually something that I should have made earlier since that unexpected incident some time ago. But time and again I procrastinated because it was expensive and fragile. Present C is not a must but it is necessary for me to foresee the future. A~ha! What is this?

Present D It is this very present that makes me feel everything is so surreal right now. It fitted so nicely into my life. It is something that I have been dreaming of for a long, long time. I used to admire its images in newspaper and internet. Guess my wifey realized about this and got this ultimate dream present for me. Thank you wifey.

Birthday Presents
Here's the best clue. Easy right?

Out of these 4 presents I think you should be able to answer at least 2 of the questions correctly. So expect a few more posts from yours truly, me, to unveil my presents. (P.S. breadcrumbs are scattered in this post for you to uncover two of the presents.) Have a great Sunday Morning everyone. :)

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