Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My 1st Snailmail From USA: Greeting From Jariel

I came back from work last week and I was shocked to receive a letter from USA! A~ha! Who on earth could have sent me a letter? I started to I have any friends who is studying in USA right now? Yes, I have...but I don't think my pals who are pursuing their tertiary education there would take all the trouble to send me a letter. So after I have changed and sat on my sofa, I delicately tore open my letter and I was shocked to discover who was the real was a 3 and a half month old baby form USA! Huh???

Wow! My first very mail from USA!

Yep! This letter was sent to me by an 4-month-old infant who is 15000km away from me. The special letter traveled 15,000 KM from USA right at my doorstep. I am more than pleased that I received his greeting. This is what he has written for me, "Hi! Uncle tekkaus, it's me @ 3 1/2 mos old. :)" His sweet smile simply swept me off the ground. Awww...he is so cute. Do you guys wanna know who sent me this letter?

Hie Baby Jariel!

He Jariel from USA. Guess who are baby Jariel's papa and mama? :p Well...can you guess folks? Perhaps some of you might have already known who is baby Jariel's mama because she is quite a blogaholic. So do you know who is she? Anyway thank you for your greeting Jariel. :) Grow up soon yeah!

Send Uncle Tekkaus' regards to papa and mama ok. :)