Thursday, April 22, 2010

Set The Internet Free-DiGi's Most Creative Ad Yet!

I am sure a lot of you have been watching DiGi's latest tv commercial since its roll out last week right? The first time I saw it, I was rather bemused but later I thought it is very creative. It has been awhile since I last witness such an ingenious TV ad. Hat off to DiGi again for being different! This commercial is about DiGi's latest DG Smart Plan. It is DiGi's latest promotion to push its all-in-one plan for smartphones meaning that everything (voice call, sms, mms and internet) is thrown into this package which will cost you an affordable RM68 monthly.

DiGi,DG Smart Plan,Set The Internet Free
I wanna set the internet free with my huge iPhone!

What does this means? Ok, simply put with this DG Smart Plan, you can have UNLIMITED internet with your smartphones for only RM68. So you can surf the net, blogging, tweetering, facebooking, youtubing, blah~blah~blah non-stop! So you are the kind that don't talk a lot? Fret not because this plan will not shackle you down with any minimum usage on calls, sms or mms. Just pay what you use, fair and square right? :)

DiGi,DG Smart Plan,Set The Internet Free
As low as RM68 only?

Now let's talk about the commercial again shall we. Although the whole commotion in the iPhone only lasted for a mere 30 seconds, it has certainly tattooed itself onto our minds. Some compared it to Apple's 1984 Macintosh Commercial, but I feel DiGi's ad is totally different and has a more chirpy, vibrant mode to it. I really love this ad. It puts a smile on my face.

DiGi's Set The Internet Free Ad. :D

DiGi's Set The Internet Free started off with aDiGi sales representative introducing their Smart Plan to a customer. Then all the "residents" (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube etc.) inside of the iPhone started chanting "Sign! Sign! Sign!", urging the customer to sign up! Voila, their wish was answered. And all of the them started running towards....I don't know towards the light? LOL :D So are you ready to set the internet free?

DiGi,DG Smart Plan,Set The Internet Free
Let this Twitter bird fly! :p

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