Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lousy Internet & Limited Time

Haven't really been blogging lately. The main reasons are? Because of time constraint and the snail-pace internet of course. That is why I seldom update my blog already. Recently it seems that my workload is increasing exponentially. I come back home later and more exhausted. But my work doesn't stop when I leave my grey table in the office. Once I alighted from my black horsy, straight away I will switch on my laptop again and begin typing away furiously. My paperwork follows me every where I go. :)

Sand Clock,Time

Then I will shove my paper work to the side for awhile and do my house work! Yes, I am a full time maid-cum-househusband. I will attend to all the house chores in the house and prepare our dinner. By the time I have done everything, it is 8pm already. then I felt like my whole body is broken. Ha :D I will allow myself a breather and take my shower. Then...paperwork again! Usually around 11.00 eyelids are getting too heavy for my conscience to open them up. I crawled myself onto my bed and crash.

Then around 4a.m. I will force myself out of the bed. Unwillingly I dragged this zombie body of mine which is still asleep downstairs and guzzle in a cup of hot coffee to kick my ass! Ok! Engine ignited, start working again! So...where is the free time that I need to blog? And I am afraid I will have to stop following quite a number blogs in the future due to my tight schedule. I don't think you guys mind right? Busy is good right? Ha :D

My time is so limited and hence I have to squeeze every "drop" of it whenever I can. Too bad the current internet connection is not doing any good at all. Yesterday Streamyx announced that the internet disruption that all of us are facing will not cease until the 2nd of May. Why? Because they are repairing the faulty submarine cable network linking Malaysia, Europe and USA. I wonder what will happen if we have faulty submarine cable every month. Gosh! Our internet is so unreliable, be it Streamyx or the other wireless broadband. :/

That's all for now folks. My apologise if you are expecting frequent updates from me. I have to be in "MIA mode" in your blogs. Sorry if you are expecting my visits and comments. I will try to do my best. Anyway I hope you enjoy your weekend folks. :D

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