Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your Zodiac Report For The Year of Tiger 2010

So wanna know how's your life going to be this year? Will you get married? Or how about the promotion that you have been waiting for years? Will it come? Or is there anything you should be aware of this year? Betrayers, backstabbers or health problems? Perhaps what I am about to share with you guys might shed a little light on what you can expect in the year of tiger. From here, you might be able to anticipate your "new year" better. So here's a rundown on how the 12 zodiac would fare in the Year of the Tiger, courtesy of Feng Shui consultant Yap Boh Chu:

The Rat
If you proceed carefully, slowly and with humility, you can still grow yourself or your business. Be careful of detractors, trouble-makers or backstabbers who will persuade others against your cause. Health: Be careful of heart and liver problems.

The Ox
Thefts, robberies, quarrels and gossips are imminent. Do not embark on any risky ventures. If you remain calm and patient, an elderly benefactor will come your way and offer guidance. Listen to your elders. Health: Beware of eye and heart problems.

The Tiger
This is a good year if you're in the property and construction sectors. You will enjoy an unexpected profit or windfall, and gain much in reputation. There is a possibility for travel. Be honest in your dealings and do not be arrogant-or your luck may change. You may face lawsuit, so tread carefully. If people threaten to sue you, try and settle early. Don't let your problems get out of hand. Health: Beware of eye problems.

The Rabbit
You will have a good but volatile year. When opportunity comes and you do not seize it, you have lost the chance but not necessarily incur a loss. Wealth can grow very quickly even from a small starting base. Do not embroiled in arguments if you do not want to get sued. Humility can save you from confrontations. Avoid indulging in life's pleasures. People of the opposite sex may lead you down the wrong path; this involvement may not be romantic in nature. Health: Beware of live and heart problems.

The Dragon
You will have a slow and bad start to the year. However, your fortune will change for the better towards year-end. You must be calm and maintain your principles. Do not panic if your business is slow. Avoid taking shortcuts to success as they may affect your reputation. Be on guard against people who may lead you astray by giving you wrong advice. This is a year it pays to mind your own business. Health: Watch out for eye and heart problem.

The Snake
It's bad start to the year but it will end better. This is not a year for advancement, so do not raise the stakes by expanding your investment, or you will suffer losses. Consolidate your position and build rapport with the people around you to avoid friction in relationship. Practice humility. Health: Beware of blood, kidney, eye and heart problems, and excessive coughing.

The Horse
You hear of good news but these are only rumours. You will have rivals but you can overcome obstacles by forging strong relationship with the people around you. Be sincere in overcoming your problems and you may enjoy an unexpected windfall. Health: Look out for liver, throat and blood problems (anemia, high blood pressure or skin problems)

The Goat
There are many changes in store. Consolidate your position at the start of the year and plan the future. Be wary of cheats and thieves. You may need to travel to reap benefits. Persevere and listen to good advice and you will fare well this year. Avoid getting involved with the opposite sex as the relationship may turn sour. Also be wary of ill advice from opposite gender. Health: Beware of heart problems.

The Monkey
This is a very volatile year and not a year to take risks in your investments. Consolidate your position. Listen to the advice of your trusted friends and make your own evaluation. There is a possibility you may make a name for yourself. You may get entangled in family problems and your children's health may be affected. Health: Beware of liver problems.

The Rooster
Wealth can come quickly but it can also drain away just as fast. Do not be too ambitious. Remember the adage that slow and steady wins the race. It's good to get a partner and share your burden and you may gain more respect. Health: Beware of stomach, eye and heart problems.

The Dog
You will have a good year but you need to have good rapport with people around you to succeed. A business partner can help you overcome obstacles. Health: Beware of stomach and eye problems (or accidents that may affect the eyes, especially if you're the eldest in the family).

The Boar
You will not encounter any major problems and things will run smoothly. You may also have joyous celebrations. Ride with the tide and follow the trend to succeed. Going out of the tangent may be disastrous. Health: Beware of health problems. Women in particular, need to be careful. Look out for stomach, heart, kidney and eye problems.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll write a few more detailed post about each zodiac? So do you believe your forecast? Of course tt is just a prediction from a feng shui master and it might not suit you at all. Then again, it's better to play safe right? Let's see how we the metal tiger will treat us shall we?