Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biggest Lion Head In Malacca

Who has to biggest lion head in the world? I thing most probably it is us, Malaccan. Haha :D I am not entirely sure if it is really the biggest (as claimed by some people), but the Lion Head is confirmed to be the largest in Malaysia! So the other day I went to Jonker Street where this enormous lion is keeping still. Don't worry once you are somewhere near Jonker Street, you surely will able to notice it. It is directly opposite Gan Boon Liong's gym and it is resting near our fire brigade headquarters. Let's see how big it is shall we?

The Lion Head from afar...

World's biggest Lion Head?

What happened to your backside huh? Haha :D

Tong Tong Chiang!

So what do you think? I thought only the head is beautiful. Whereas the other part of the body is not really a beautiful-sight to behold. Just look at its tail. Isn't this is what we use for our toilet bowl? And what happened to its legs? Why they are toe-less? LOL :D Anyway I still like it. So Happy Chinese New Year everyone. :)

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