Friday, February 5, 2010

Jusco Bandaraya Malacca Now Opens

Today, 5th of February, Malacca's second Jusco opens its doors for business. It should have started operating a month ago, but due to an unexpected accident, its opening had to be postponed. But now Jusco Aeon Bandaraya is officially safe for the public to shop. In fact I have just came back from Jusco. I went there at 4p.m.Thank goodness nothing happened. Ha :D So how does this new Jusco compared to the old one in Ayer Keroh? Huge difference to be precise. This new Jusco is more enormous and there are more high-end shops at our disposal. But I felt a little disappointed though. This Jusco is a David compared to the goliath-MidValley. Haih... :(


Then again, I think this new Jusco will be the top shopping mall in Malacca right now. It is certainly better than Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. For starters, design-wise it is more spacious and more comfortable. Its layout is simple and we won't get lost easily. Secondly, there are at least 2000 parking bays at this new Jusco. Something Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota cannot offer at all. And the best part is, you can avoid paying for the parking fees by applying JCard. No brainer right?

The main entrance

For those who are not in Malacca, do you know that this new Jusco Bandaraya is exactly adjacent to Tesco? Hahaha :D It sounds like Jusco purposely trying to give Tesco a run for its money huh. Well, more shopping complexes in Malacca means more options for us-consumers. Hmm...let's see who will win in the end. :p

Do you notice the huge balloon hovering onto of Jusco?

However, movie-goers will be upset to know that there is no cineplex in the new Jusco. I asked one of the staff and they told me that the space provided by Jusco is not large to accommodate the planned cinema. What a let down right? My missus and I have been hoping that there'll be a cinema there. Too bad! :(

Yes! It is sale time!

Although it has a few flaws here and there, I strongly believe that this new Jusco is still gonna be the best in Malacca for awhile. Don't forget to put on extra clothes if you visit Jusco later ok. It is so freezing cold just now. :)

So when you will visit this new Jusco?

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