Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I MIA?

Did you go to the nearest police station to lodge a police report for a missing person-me? Did you hire a detective trying to track me down? Did you send a few mercenaries to hunt me down, dead or alive? Or did you visit the morgue to see if my corpse has been claimed or not yet? Or you just couldn't be bothered at all? :p Whichever it is, I am touched! Yeah! I've been (MIA) Missing In Action for almost a week (6 days) now. So did you guys miss me? NO? NO? NO? Never mind, but I miss you guys a lot. Truly I do. I have been wanting to visit you guys, but I just couldn't. :( head is worth so much?

You see, after I had my so-called "mini promotion" this year, everything seems to be more packed for me. At this moment my life is busier compared to last year. No disrespect but I did not expect for this "mini promotion" of mine. Is it because there is not enough manpower in my department or is it because they thing I am really a gem? Ha :D Nevertheless I am going to give my best to fill these huge shoes given to me. It's a tall summit but I believe I can conquer it.

It's a tough job and someone got to do it. :)

Naturally I have more responsibilities right now compared to last year. My job now is more demanding. It's not only mentally taxing, at can be really, really emotionally draining especially regarding those trivial issues. But I look at it as a learning curve for me. They say adversities have their advantages and I am sure they serve as opportunities for me to grow. So bring it on!

I'd better stop now folks. I'll try to steal some time to visit you guys next week. Until then...maybe I'll continue to be MIA? Who knows? :p

~First Commenter~