Saturday, January 9, 2010

RM587,996 For One Tuna!

Or US$177, 000 for one Tuna! Thats right folks. You heard it correctly. Some people are actually willing to pay more than half a million ringgit (RM587,996) for this oily fish. Honestly, I didn't know that Tuna can fetch such an expensive price. Of course this is not your ordinary tuna. This GIANT (233KG) blue fin tuna is the most expensive since 2001 when "smaller" (200KG) tuna was sold for a record US$220,000! So it seems that this blue tuna is a good bargain huh! This enormous tuna was bought and share by 2 owners of 2 sushi restaurants; one in Hong Kong and the other one is from Japan.

At the auction

This Tuna was actually sold at Tokyo Tsujiki's Market-the largest wholesale fish market in Japan. Caught off the coast of Northern Japan, this gargantuan tuna was among the 570 put up for auction 4 days ago. Poor fish huh! Just imagine if every day at least 500 tunas are killed, we are so inhumane! *Sob* Do you know that the largest bluefin tuna caught weighed 679KG and had a length of 4.3metres?

They are so HUGE!

And talking about being inhumane, Japanese are the most inhumane of them (us) all! Why? Japan is the largest eater of tuna with Japanese consuming 80% of the caught tuna worldwide. Goodness! However the good news is Tuna consumption has declined in the land of rising sun due to a prolonged economic slump. I hope this trend will continue. :)

Can't we just let them swim free?

Wonder why I am so fishy today that I wanna talk about bluefin tuna? Well, I thing I was sort of poisoned by these tuna this morning. Wanna know what happened? You see...I woke up at 5a.m. this morning. Feeling hungry, I opened a can of mayonnaise tuna to break my fast. I spread the yummy tuna on my gardenia bread and "makan" (eat)! It was so delicious especially when you are damn hungry. (Yeah! I eat them, I am inhumane too right? :p)

I gotta take both?

But the moment I wanna leave home for work, that was when the "tuna in my stomach" started to retaliate! Holy smoke! These tuna attacked me not once, not twice but 4 times! I hope later I will not suffer another onslaught. Hopefully I have successfully digested all of them. Ha :D That's all from me now. Have a great weekend folks!

P.S.: Then again, I think I had stomach upset because the tuna that I took out from the fridge this morning was too chilling cold for my tummy. :p

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