Saturday, January 16, 2010

Only Mind Can Play This Mindflex

Warning! No limbs are allowed in this game! You are forbidden to use your both your hands (and your legs) if you wanna play this game. This is a totally different ball game. So how on earth your should play it? Well...pretty easy, just use your head dumb dumb. :p Yeah! You have to use your brain aka mind to master this game. So today we are going to talk about one of the hottest toys during the last Christmas. I'm sure Santa received a lot of gift-wish orders for this toy. Are you ready to use your mind? I give you folks Mattel's Mindflex.

Here's the hottest game last Noel!

After you have slotted the 8 required batteries (4 Cs for the base and another 3 AAAs for the headset), you can attach the soft alligator clip to your earlobes and slip the headband over your forehead. Wow! Sounds like a pretty nifty game. Voila~now you are officially "wire" to to play the game. Then Mindflex's built-in microprocessor can start detecting your electrical resistance or galvanic skin response.

One ball to rule them all!

Here's something interesting: Do you know that the galvanic skin response used is the same as the current used in standard lie detectors? Meaning that now you can train your mind to lie to a lie detector? Haha :D The microprocessor then amplifies the variable current, which is hard-wired to a tiny fan.

Is your mind strong enough?

Your response (a~lar, galvanic skin thingy) level will determine how high or low a foam ball will hover in the air. So if your mind is weak, it might not hover at all. Hahaha :D When you relax, the tiny will fan will slow down and hence the ball will drop. Likewise if you are intense the ball might shoot up and hit the ceiling. The illusion is that you are actually controlling the ball with your mind, which is true in a way.

How do you wanna play with your ball?

There are 5 different games in total. A maximum of 4 people can play this game and there are 3 levels for you to choose from. And there are more than 100 obstacles combinations for you to toy around. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Besides, I don't think this will be an easy game to complete. :p

Get this Mindflex if you wanna be smarter. Ha :D I'm sure if will make you sharper one or another. Likewise if you are a spy wannabe, this toy might help you to beat the lie detector. Ha :D Or if you aspire to be a mind controlling psychic, Mindflex sounds like the thing that can jump start you. :p

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