Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Top 8 Resolutions For 2010

We are almost in the middle of the 1st month. So how was your 2010? Mine is damn hectic. A lot of new responsibilities and duties I need to shoulder. Sometimes I feel like I am being strangled. Like a fish struggling to escape from a net. :p It's a new year and I'm sure this year will be more challenging for me since I will be playing more "roles" compared to the previous years. I can foresee that I'll be bracing for a lot of beatings this year. Nonetheless all I can do is give my all and strive for excellence. I want 2010 to be a meaningful year for me.

It's going to be a looooooooog year.

In order to do that I need a personalised "template" to be my guide for the whole year. So I need to set resolutions for myself. These resolutions will remind me of what I need to do and what I should do for 2010. It will serves as constant round-the-clock nudge for me. So whenever I have deviated from my master plan, these resolutions will "bring" me back on track (I hope so). It will my mentor that constantly nag me about the importance of seeing the big picture. So here are my new year's resolutions.

No. Not this. :p

Tekkaus' New Year's Resolutions!

1~Be the master of my time. More often than not I find myself being enslaved by time. This year I wanna make sure I can use every single seconds effectively. Since I am going to do most of the daily house chores, I certainly need to juggle my time smartly. I don't want to be drained to the max at the end of the day.

2~Be a better man. Be a better man here means that I wanna strive to be a better son; a better husband; a better brother; a better dad (in the future); and a better friend. I wanna spend more quality time with my wife. Actually I consider my wife and I to be quite "sticky". Ha :D

3~Be more systematic. This is a problem I face sometimes. Or should I say we all face this problem too from time to time right? I wish I can enhance how I execute some plans and go about with some routines so that it will save me more time and I can conserve more energy for other pending tasks.

4~Be more prudent with my Moolah. Last year, I realized that I am not being very "sensitive" with my hard-earned cash. Sometimes I splurge too much for my family (which is not a bad thing). But I believe I need to save more for our future too. And I will surely follow my budget more rigidly this time around. :p

5~Be a better chef. This is definitely one of my main resolutions. Honestly every day I am frustrated about what I should cook. Since I will be the chef most of the time, I fell I should serve my family with more delicious meals. My culinary skills is not good compared to my wife and surely no where near my late mom's level. I hope I can learn more appetizing dishes for my family.

6~Regain my fitness. This will be a little far-fetch but I hope I can regain my fitness. You see I used to run at least 5km per day, do 50 push-ups and 100 sit-ups when I was in secondary school. I can play at least 3 hours of basketball daily plus 1 hour of football. Yeah! I am a sport maniac back then. But after I have started working...I don't have the time to do my usual activities anymore. I hope I can make time to be fit again!

7~Increase my online earning. Last year, I made around US$400 which is nothing to shout about. I hope this year I can double my earning. It's not going to be easy but I'll try my best to do it. :)

8~More streams of income. Easier said than done right? Sometimes it is hard to find a balance. Since I wanna spend more time with my family, it is hard for me to make time for this resolution. Then again...let's see what happens. :p

I'm not as perfect as Calvin!

I hope I can achieve most of my targets that I set. It is easy to draw out this plans but it will be darn hard to execute it. I will be very focused and make sure I don't deviate...too much. Haha :D How about you? Have you set your new year's resolutions yet? :p

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