Monday, January 4, 2010

All About My Taiping Trip

Yesterday's post about my sumptuous dinner in Taiping was the last of it about my visit to the far, far away land. So here am I, posting a summary about my whole adventure in the peaceful land up north. There are 9 posts in total. From the beginning right to the end; From the sardine-packed traffic jam to the little chameleon that I spotted amongst the green. If you have been reading all my posts all this while, then this will be a rather redundant one for you. But I reckon most of you surely have missed one or two if not more. Ha :D So here's re-cap.

I hope you find a few of the above posts still enjoyable. If not, my apologize. :p That's all for now. Kinda tired after a tiring day. I need to prepare some paperwork now. Have a great week ahead of you folks. :)

~First Commenter~