Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Pluck Nephelium lappaceum AKA Rambutan

Nephelium lappaceum is actually the scientific name for our Rambutan fruits. Yeah! For the uninitiated, the rambutan is a tropical tree native to the Malay Archipelago. Hence Malaysia has a lots of these trees which bear those weird looking hairy ball-shaped fruits. Rambutans simply means "hairy" because of the "hair" that covers the fruits. LOL :D If I'm not mistaken there are 2 different varieties of the rambutan. One is the domestic one, the red rambutan; whereas the yellow rambutan is known as wild rambutan. Today we will pluck both the domestic and the wild rambutans.

Want some Nephelim lappaceum?

From my previous posts, you guys have known that my father-in-law's farm has a lot of rambutan trees right? So before we leave, we need to harvest all the red and yellow rambutan and bring them back to Malacca. Let the plucking begin. Haha :D

Red or yellow?

Me & my father-in-law busy plucking those hairy fruits.

None will be spared!

So have you had any of these hairy fruits recently? Well, that's all from me folks. Good morning everyone. Don't forget today is the last day of 2009 ok. :)

Our harvest (only a fraction of it). :D

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