Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 2009 Top Droppers

It is already 4th of November today, and now only I managed to squeeze the time I need to blog about last month's top Entrecard droppers. Kinda overdue a little bit but worry not since I already saved the list a few days ago. I think a lot of people are still using Entrecard despite the major change that happened last month. I wanted to leave too, but I guess they are not that bad after all. Just hope that they don't do anymore silly adjustment and changes in the future. :)

Still has its butterfly effect?

So October's Top Droppers will be receiving do-follow backlinks as usual from this blog. My Google PR is still 4 after the Big G made an adjustment a few days earlier and now my Alexa has scaled a little bit higher to be at 77,330. So I hope my blog can help increase the exposure to you blog or web.

As usual the NO. 1# Dropper, Fledgling Blogger will receive 888 EC credits, while the other remaining 9 will each earn 99 EC credits. Not much huh, but it is a sincere token from me. LOL :D

That's all for this post. Until we meet again next month, at the same blog but at a different time (I guess). Have a great Wednesday fellow folks. :)

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