Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Music & Tea At San Poh Shan

Today's post is actually a continuation of Sunday's 3rd Chong Yang Festival! Still remember the pictures which I have shown to you guys? One of the photos featured 2 persons playing musical instruments and brewing chinese tea. So I wanna share with you guys another few of those music & tea shots. Nothing special about the photos though. But the way they played the traditional musical instruments, the way the chinese tea was brewed and most importantly the location where this exhibition took place intrigued me.

He was blowing a shell I thing. :p

Curious, I switched on my Digital Camera and started to imprint them in my XD memory card. So here are a few shots of them in action. All are taken from different angles. Hope you guys enjoy today' Wordlesser Wednesday. :) brewing a cup of tea...

They love the camera too. :D

I love this branch. Do you notice the dangling bowl?

This gotta be my favourite of them all.

I wonder why they put a few stool around them? Is it because the didn't want us to get near them? Or it is some kind or barrier to ward of evil..or to prevent them from going out? Then did you notice there were a few dangling bowls? LOL :D No idea. Never mind I have included a slideshow (below) which you can view the pictures in full screen. :)

Don't forget to click to enlarge ya!

That's all from me folks. Have a nice day everyone. :)

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