Monday, November 16, 2009

Goodbye to You My Trusted Friend

Today is not a great day for me. Nothing bad happened actually but someone has left the organization that I'm working in. He was our boss and today is his retirement day. An emotional day for me I would say. We held a farewell party for him in the hall. It was drizzling and freezing cold but all I could feel is sadness. Then all the other colleagues lined up to bid farewell to him. One by one, each of us approached him and wished him the best. When it was my turn, he called out my name and hugged my so tightly. I could feel his warm in his delicate embrace. Frankly speaking, I almost broke down. *sob* :'(

Good bye to you BOSS! :D

I felt sad because he was the one who gave me the opportunity to work in this company. December last year, he was the person who interviewed me. Without his blessings and encouragements I don't think I can be here contributing to the organization. So I wanna thank him for the trust and belief he has in me. It was a joy working with him. Unlike other bosses, his approach has always been firm but very appreciative. He has never failed to make us feel important with his words and actions. He was very gentle and soft-spoken. But behind this docile demeanour is an industrious man who gave his all in everything he does. I salute him! :)

Enjoy your new journey!

So I have vowed that if I will still be here next year, I will do my best to contribute to this company. Ha :D Enough emo-ing right? Since today happens to be Monday, I wanna dedicate Westlife's Seasons In The Sun to my boss. Goodbye boss! May you have great days ahead of you. Thank you for everything that you have done. May your next journey be a wonderful one. :)

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