Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Husband Hunting BRA???

This is not your ordinary bra ladies and gentlemen. This is a bra both men and women might not like. This is the dreaded Marriage Hunting Bra! Or the ladies will prefer to call it husband-hunting bra. And this crazy idea was coined by Triumph International. Goodness! Why on earth they created such a bra? No longer are bras worn by women to protect their breasts anymore, now this insane bra will "revolutionize" women to hunt down men and nag them to marry them. Just kidding. Don't get offended ladies. LOL :D

Marriage-hunting bra!

I believe this marriage-hunting bra was invented to please those mothers who kept on nagging their single daughters to get marry. It was officially unveiled for the Japanese at Tokyo a few months ago. Do you guys think this will land in Malaysia's shore? This marriage-hunting bra (konkatsu bra) is also designed to help those marriage-minded women to be more proactive on finding their future husband by displaying how much time remains until she hopes to hear the wedding bell. Not bad aye. :D

One ring to stop this madness!

The bra itself looks like your ordinary everyday lingerie with the exception that it is fitted with an LED display underneath the cups. And just above the display is the storage slot for the engagement right to be slotted. The countdown clock is halted once your prince charming slot the ring into it! Moreover there is also a pen and a stamp seal included for (the Japanese) signing the marriage certificate. Very thoughtful of Triumph huh!

Watch this Husband hunting bra in action!

However this ridiculous bra is not for sale. Triumph invented it to encourage more people to get hitched. So are you still single ladies? Need a marriage-hunting bra? Are you ready to hunt for your men? Then again girls, you can put on this wonder bra and "force" your boyfriend to tie the knot with you. Plus this kinda sexy don't you agree? :p

What are you looking at?

P.S.: Then again they might put this on sale for Christmas. :D

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