Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now Baby AirAsia Can Fly Too!

And for the rest of his life with AirAsia for FREE! Earlier this month (21st of October), an AirAsia flight from Penang to Kuching was re-routed to KL due to an unexpected circumstances. So what happened? Did the terrorist managed to hijacked the plane? No, but there was a pleasant news for everyone on that historic flight. A pregnant mother on board went into surprise labour. Yep! A baby was born on An AirAsia plane.

I believe I can fly! :)

The 31 year old mother, Liew Siaw Hsia began to experience labour pains on board of the flight. Cabin crews and a doctor who happened to be one of the passengers helped her to deliver her baby at 2,000 feet. The pilot immediately diverted the plane to KL for the baby's birth. But the baby was destined to be first in-flight delivery for AirAsia! How amazing is that. The moment he was born, he was already flying! Awesome!

Mama says my name is, "Ya Hang"~o.

Now guess what is the miracle baby's name? This lucky boy is now named Asia Liew Ya Hang. His chinese name "Ya Hang" actually means "Air Asia" in mandarin. War...what a great name for the little boy. The mother surely picked a meaningful for her new pride huh. I wonder if he'll be a pilot one day.

Congrates. :D

And to sweeten the pot, both mother and baby would be given free flights-for-life from AirAsia. YES! FREE for life! Now both of them can fly too...for free some more~ler! Goodness. time wifey and I gonna board a plane too when she is about to deliver. LOL :D

Thank you AirAsia. :)