Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From My Office Window

I have been working in my current company for almost one year now. I'm not sure whether I'll still be working here or not next year. But honestly thus far, I am really happy here. Nothing bad happened. But the workload can sometimes be pretty monstrous...and at time I might get breathless. But this is work right? :p One of the best thing that I love about my working place is my seat. You see there are hundreds of us cramming is an enormous office. My place is placed strategically on the left side of the office and I have a huge window for my viewing pleasure.

Welcome to my seat!

The best part of it is the sun rise of the opposite side of my office so I will not be affected by Mr Sunny in the morning. Besides our office is on the 3rd floor, which is higher above the ground. Ha :D Usually in the morning before the air-conditioners are switched on, I will glide open the window and feel the morning breeze on my face. Aww...what a luxury. Moreover there are lots of green leaves waving at me. I really love my "throne". :p

A lot of leaves right?

Guess what tree is this?

What's up in the sky?

How about down? :D

Very green! Very eco-friendly. I love it. So how about you? Do you like your office seat? Care to share with us?

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