Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Went To Kampung Midvalley

After me and my wife helped ourselves at Carl's Junior, we roamed around Midvalley while waiting for our movie. It was the second day of Raya and there were lots of Aidifitri decoration in Midvalley. I have always thought that MidValley will put in a lot of efforts to decorate their mall, and they met my expectation again during my last visit. If you were there too, you would have noticed the shack they built. The whole atmosphere was so kampung-like, albeit a little comical. :)

Welcome! :)

You could see some live stocks too. We saw a few cattle, some chickens and...goats I guess. There were even a few antique cars there for display too. Well...for today's post, let us just enjoy some photos shall we?

They really made it look so...real right?

You see, the chickens were feeding!

Coconut anyone?

Where's my car key?

There are still a lot of photos I want to show to you guys. But to not wreak havoc in your reading pleasure, I have made a slideshow. :)

Enjoy folks!

That's all folks. I wanna catch my train now!

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