Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Time really flies huh! Barely a month ago some of us were busy preparing for Hari Raya and today our fellow friends are celebrating Diwali! ;) So first thing first, Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating this joyous occasion. I heard lots of firecrackers exploding right after midnight. And that signified the beginning of the celebration right? Gosh! I am a little excited too, today. Wanna know why? Because every year my neighbour who celebrates Diwali will invite us to come over to his house to have a feast. I am drooling already...

Ramayana! An awesome epic!

Ok! Ok! So why on earth is Diwali so important to the Indians? Well...Diwali is said to be the return of Rama after his 14 years of exile in the jungle and his victory over Ravana! And one thing that I like about Deepavali is that, every year during this festival they will air my favourite Diwali cartoon-Ramayana. It was actually one of the greatest epic in India. I love the story very, very much. Have you watched this cartoon before? :)

Diyas! :)

Today, we can see a lot of diyas in front of our friends' houses. Diyas are cotton string which is inserted into small clay pots filled with oil. Indians believe that Diyas signify victory of good over evil and hence this may bring them prosperity? I gotta stop now. Last but not least, again Happy Festival of Light to all my friends ok. Have a great weekend. :)