Thursday, October 15, 2009

Had Charbroiled Burger At Carl's Jr

A long, long time ago (21st of Sep) my wife and I traveled more than 100 miles up north from Malacca to the Middle Valley to have some special moment together for ourselves. Yep! It was the second day of Raya. Since everyone has returned to their own shire, my wife and I decided to do some shopping in MidValley. It was the place my wife and I used to hang out during our University years. We were so excited with our trip. We actually planned it a few weeks earlier. :p

The first place we hit was Carl's Junior. It is a fast food restaurant. And I'm sure a lot of you know where it is right? Carl's Junior was located directly opposite the GSC! We have never tried it before plus we had not had our breakfast that day, therefore we gave it a try. We were their first 2 customers as it was only 10.30a.m. then. Ha :D After we ordered our meal, we picked a special seat and waited for our Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken to be served.

While waiting for our meal, I "cam-whored"around. :p After waiting for around 15 minutes, finally our charbroiled burger was served! Wow! The portion was really big. But of course it didn't come cheap. The meal came with a price tag of RM20.

For that we got the burger (of course), bottomless drink (as if we need it) and the fries. Yeah! That's all. But I must say that we really love the natural cut fries. Do you know that they don't skin the potatoes? It was so different and tasty! Yum! Yum!

So why we want to fork out RM20 instead of going to McDonald? Well...because we wanted to try Carl's Junior Charbroiled burger. So what is charbroiled? Charbroil actually means grilling something over charcoal. :)

Well! That's all from me folks. Perhaps I can divulge more about our one day trip to KL in the future. For the time being. Please enjoy watching me enjoyed the burger! :p