Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My 1st Top Droppers of The Month Post!

So the Top 10 Droppers will be receiving backlink from my blog. This is one of the ways I could reward them for their time and effort. Not only does Tekkaus (the blog) has PR4 and 157, 984 Alexa Ranking, this blog is also a DO-FOLLOW blog. DO-FOLLOW basically means that my Page Rank juices can flow to the linked blogs. This in turn will translate into a little bit more traffic right? I believe this is very important especially to a lot of bloggers right?

My Popularity (by

Besides that, what else will top droppers get from Tekkaus? Money? Nope! I'm quite broke. ;P But I can give them my hard-earned EC credits. *sob* Number 1, which is Joe Taxpayer will receive 888 EC credits, while the other 9 will receive 99 EC credits. I know it is not that much but it is a sincere gift from me. I hope you guys will drop here more often. Ha :D

So who are they? Drum rolls please~~~

Well, that's all for now folks! Hopefully you guys will drop more often here. I wish I churn out this post on a monthly basis. *Yawn* Gotta sleep now. See ya! :)

~First Commenter~