Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Let Our Independence Be Robbed!

52 years ago...our country managed to escape from the clutches of foreign claws. It was not an easy feat though. The effort was headed by our 1st Prime Minister-Tunku Abdul Rahman, who led a delegation to negotiate our country's independence. If not for him, we might still be living under the Shadow of invader. We should be grateful that we managed to celebrate our 52nd Independence Day today. To some is not something to shout about, but to me it is a day to be remembered!

Our liberation...

Lately I notice that a lot of Malaysians are not being appreciative to what they have. Instead of cherishing what they have, these thankless people go around trying to prove that they are very righteous. They hold demonstration, walks etc just to prove to the public how virtuous they are; they try to validate that they are RIGHT by monkeying around. Of course, their voices should be heard. But that doesn't mean they have the license to roam around, threatening our peace. They can always channel their thoughts and beliefs in other methods.

For whom?

Look at the people in Palestine. What happened to them? Every day these poor Palestinians have to face with violence. They have no home to live; there have no roofs to shelter them; they have no where to go. These pitiable Palestinians have to seek refuge in their very own home soil. How ridiculous is that? Do you think it is fun to stare into the eyes of death every day, with bullets flying around and bombs bombarding them? We are so damn lucky compared to these unfortunate folks living under the clenches of Israel! Still think we Malasyians are very wretched? Think again smarties. Remember to count our blessings!

Do you one this to happen to your children?

Actually I must admit that we Malaysians have already done a great job? Why would I say that? As you all know, Malaysia is a multiracial country where people of different beliefs and background live together. A lot of trust and tolerance is needed for us to stay together as one big family. It is a feat we all should be proud of right? But that doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels right? Unity is an ongoing effort which requires everyone's cooperation.

We are ONE!

Of course our current BN government did little to make us endear them. IMHO, some of BN's policies might be blatant unfair and I would go as far to suggest that discrimination does exist to a certain extent. No wonder some might accuse our government of being racist. We can't blame them for that because their reasons are too profound. So if the current government really wants to maintain out unity, they should be FAIR to all Malaysians. We should not be viewed as Malay, Chinese, Indian etc...but we should be viewed as Malaysian!

Besides that we should not let some political parties blind us to achieve their very own goals; Don't let ourselves be manipulated for greed and power. If we fight among ourselves, history will repeat itself and our ending will be a tragic one. We will be invaded again but in different ways. It is time for us to wake up! We should not do anything that will threaten our country's peace and economy. If you think BN is doing a lousy job, vote them out in the next general election. But don't penalise Malaysia for BN's fault ok!

We are Malaysians.

Fellow Malaysians! We have gone a long way to reach where we are today. Let us work on our similarities and seek to understand our differences to live in peace and harmony. We have done it for 5 decades, and I'm damn sure that we still can be ONE as long as we want to. There are no plausible reasons why we cannot stick together. After all...we are all Malaysians!

I have always love Malaysia. There is no other country in this world I would love to be other than Malaysia. This is the place where I was born; this is the soil where my blood shed; this is the place where my home will be and this is the only place where I will rest in peace. There is no other country as special as Malaysia! Malaysia is the place where my heart will always be. I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA!

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

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