Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordlesser Wednesday: My Hair Cut!

It's really hot these few days. I can't sleep well with my thick hair "sauna-ing" my head. With the hot, scorching weather not going to go away any soon...we just have to live with it. A few days ago I decided that I can't take it anymore and it's time for me to part ways with some of my "mane". Haha :D So last Sunday I rode my bike to meet my personal barber whom I have known for more than 10 years. It cost me only RM7 to snip away my "hot" hair. Now I'm feeling lighter, definitely cooler after having my hair cut. I know I look stupid with this new look and my colleagues have already laughed at me since yesterday. Tell me what you think. Hahaha :D

Very thick...just like a carpet!

Yay! Cooler! (I know I look sleepy)

Well...that's all for this week's Wordlesser Wednesday folks. Ok! Ok! I know I'm not photogenic. Haha :D Anyway both these pictures were taken last Sunday by my dearest wife. My hair really sucks right?

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