Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Wanna Heal The World Too!

I can't believe that I am listening to Michael Jackson's Heal The World like...almost a hundred times! This few days while I was with my wife "loitering" in the shopping mall, all the music shops were blaring the late Jacko's songs! Even though the King of Pop is good as gone, his voices was everywhere. This goes to show how influential he is. There are question asking whether Michael had "heal the world" or not! That's a tough one. Although this tormented soul had faced so many obstacles in his life, having to deal with legal and financial problems...I believe he did in fact, in his very own right..."heal the world".

His passion for music is...God-like!

Through his songs and music, Michael has touched millions of soul from all walks of life. I mean although his personal life really sucks...his professionalism and passion for music deserves our utmost respect. And the mourning of his fans all around the world proved that Michael has touched the deepest recesses of their souls. His love for music is undeniable...do you know Michael still has around 200 songs in his music vault waiting to be released? Too bad...gone too soon right? Of all Michael's songs, the ones I love the most are Heal The World, Black & White, You Are Not Alone!

Let's do it!

I mean these 3 songs are really meaningful especially Heal The World. This song might be a little old but it is still relevant right now especially these days! With the war raging in some part of this earth and global warming is burning our precious planet...Heal The World is the best song to remind all of us what we are about to lose...

Good Bye Mike!

Click HERE to download Heal The World.

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