Thursday, July 30, 2009

Invitation To Have Lunch with Kaspersky Lab's Global & Regional Heads

Yesterday I was so perplexed when I open my GMail account to check for any incoming mails. Gosh! I was entirely dumbfounded and I received an e-mail that reads, "Invitation to lunch with Kaspersky Lab's Global and regional heads!" OMG! Yes, I am invited by Kaspersky! I can't believe that I am one of the lucky bloggers to be invited to have lunch with Kaspersky's big guns. Never in mind have I thought I could have the chance to talk about security issues with such high-profile security personalities. Are you invited to the lunch too? :D

The email snapshot!

Here's the content of the e-mail: "Hi Tekkaus, I'm XXXX XXXX and I got your contact from the I hope this email finds you well. On behalf of Kaspersky Lab, we would like to invite you (yes, me Tekkaus) to lunch with several of Kaspersky Lab's global and regional heads who will be down here in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the KL PC Fair 2009. As you know, Kaspersky Lab has a regional office here in KL and they would like to get to know the local stakeholders. These representatives are part of what Kaspersky Lab so lovingly call the "Kaspersky Mobile Security Team" and they will be at PC Fair to talk about the current state of mobile security in the world." I am still in cloud nine just to receive the email invitation alone. Aww...this just made my day! Ha :D

Should I accept this invitation, I would be joining the Kaspersky's Biggies for lunch at Delicious, Marc Residences this Saturday (1st August) at 12.30p.m. The thought of it alone, is enought to blow me into pieces. To me, this email still sounds incredulous. Surreal I would say.

Everything must be Delicious here huh!

Here's more; Should I agree to lunch, I'll have the opportunity to meet:

~Nathan Wang, Vice President, Technical Divisions, Kaspersky Lab APAC (Based in Hong Kong)
~Sergey Nevstruev, Director, Mobile Solutions Business Unit, Kaspersky Lab (Based in Moscow)
~Dmitry Belov, Business Development Manager, Mobile Solutions Business Unit, Kaspersky Lab (Based in Moscow)

OMG! These are the people behind the Kaspersky! How can I pass such a great opportunity to meet up with them right? I must be insane if I were to turn down such an unbelievable golden, once-in-a-lifetime chance! All I have to do is call them for reservation before tomorrow. Yes! Simple right? Just pick up the phone and say, "YES!" And voila, I will be on my way to KL.

So close...

But there's one problem. I had already planned a family trip on the same day to somewhere else. Too bad. As much as my heart wanted to attend this lunch, I just can't let my family down. After all nothing is more important than my loved ones right? To me family is always first. They are my everything. Hopefully I will be lucky again next year to be invited.

So if you are invited and you are able to attend,
DON'T miss it for the world ok! :D

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