Friday, July 31, 2009

(EEE) Expensive Eargasmic Experience

Still remember my previous post about my Sonic Gear Spark Plug? I bought that marvelous earplug for only RM30! Extremely cheap right? But, what I am about to share with you is totally different from I have. You will be blown away if you have the privilege of feeling it. Enter Sennheiser's HD 800. This is one of the most expensive headphones I have ever seen in my whole life. The features alone is enough to send shivers down your spines, especially if you are one of the audiophiles! This premium headphones will give you an utterly new experience of enjoying your music.

Ready to be blown away?

HD 800 is incorporated with more than 60 years of headphone engineering. What makes these open, circum aural dynamic stereo headphones so distinct is that it possesses the most advance driver technology. It redefines what audio is all about. A new height of sonic perspective will be conjured as you experience a never-before high-fidelity natural hearing natural experience. Besides that it is claimed that no other headphones has been able to come up as close as the HD 800 in recreating the basic acoustic conditions of natural hearing.

Flawless beauty...

Not only these headphones is good-looking, under the hood it is fitted with premium parts which make HD 800 such a standout amongst its peers. Or should I say it is peerless? Do you know that the transducer used is the biggest in the industry to date. The tranducer is encased by precision material made of stainless steel. Likewise the ear pads are handcrafted from high-quality microfiber fabric. Besides that, a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) has also been taken to ensure the headphones as comfy as possible and to guarantee optimum fit on the head. So you will be enjoying nothing but top-notch, high quality sounds and music!


As I mentioned earlier, HD 800 is the most expensive headphones I have ever known to exist. They say quality doesn't come cheap and in this case, quality is worth's a king's ransom. The Sennheiser HD 800 will burn your pocket with a flabbergasting price tag of SGD$2,199 (RM5,389)! OMG! To all the self-proclaimed Audiophiles out there, will you buy this?

Don't just buy my words...

watch it...

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