Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Click and Vote For The Charities!

I believe Google will surely ban me if I ask you guys to click my ads. But I want you guys to click for charities right now. That's right. Your every single click(s) can help saves a person's live or even a few. No kidding man! For those who are serving Nuffnang's ads you have probably noticed about this novel programme from DiGi. DiGi is currently running a fund-raising campaign for charity. Every single click can save a life. All we have to do is CLICK, and DiGi will DONATE. DiGi aims to raise RM150,000 for 14 charity organizations. But there's a catch though. In order for these organizations to reap the benefits, we have to click.

The campaign will last for 30 days. 10 days have already elapsed and we still have another 20 days to do our part for the societies. Thus far, Rm72, 680 has been raised. Not bad right? As I mentioned earlier there are 14 organization that will benefit from this campaign. There are 3 distinct groups of organizations where your clicks are needed. They consist of nature, health and social. I have personally chosed to raise funds for MAKNA. I wanna help MAKNA to poll and utilize all efforts, expertise and especially finance from all sectors of the society including Malaysian' Blogosphere to fight cancer and reduce the suffering of cancer patients.

I believe amongst all the organizations, MAKNA deserves a little bit more help because treating and alleviating cencer patients' suffering is very, very hard both financially and emotionally. I know this personally because cancer has robbed me of my happiness. It has taken away my mum!

So everyone, come join forces with me to help the cancer patients in Malaysia. And all you have to do is click and vote. They need us. This is our one chance to contribute something for these poor cancer patients. Come join me! It takes only 3 simple steps to do some deed:

(1) Navigate yourself into the designated page.
(2) Enter your email and click to vote.
(3) Verify your vote by checking the your mailbox.

It's that simple...and voila RM5 is donated to MAKNA. Do your bit right now. I really hope each and everyone of you who is reading this post will help the needy. Remember RM 5 is not a lot but when we team up collectively and do our wee bit, we could improve a lot of people's lives. Thank you.