Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gimme Suggestion Via Skribit!

Haha :D Here I am again, experimenting with another new gadget for my blog. I must say that sometimes I really love to toy around with my blog whether it is in terms of designs, layout or even the add-ons that I could integrate. Those who have been following me for quite a while would have noticed that I have added and removed "plugins" on and off right (noticed that I had removed Friend Connect's Social Bar from the bottom)? So this time around, I'm going to play with something called Skribit. I stumbled upon this Skribit a few days ago and I decided to put It on my blog today. So what one earth is Skribit?

For starters, just thing of it as a Feedback tool for your readers. Yep! You see, some of us active bloggers...will find it difficult to churn out a blog post sometimes. Other times, some of us might find it difficult to blog about a suitable topic for our readers. That's what happened to me. You see, I have so many things in my small, tiny brain to blog about...but too bad time constraint really puts me down. Hence I hope I could post something that really benefits my fellow friends and readers. I wanna make you guys happy (I'll try my best, as I can't please everyone.)!

If used properly, Skribit can help some us to cure our blogger's block by tapping into our blog's readerships for suggestions. Since our readers and fellow friends are the ones who read and comment on your blog, so it make perfect sense to ask them for their ideas and suggestion on what to blog about next. Once you have received a few suggestions for your readers and friends, they will vote those suggestion to make sure you know exactly what topics or post are popular with them (at least).

I believe that not everyone of my post is to your liking right? Or course I should remain some of my "flavours" but I still believe I should write something occasionally that is demanded by you guys. Something like POD aka Post-On-Demand! War...sounds very catchy aye? So, why don't you guys participate and give me some suggestions? Don't worry any suggestion is welcomed as long as it is constructive. Hehe ;P

What happens if you have writer's block?

To suggest a topic or post to me is extremely, damn easy. (1) Just look for the blue "Suggestion?" box on the left and click on it. (2) Then a pop up box will appear. (3) Just type in your suggestion and voila~the others could start to vote on your suggestion or they can even suggest their very own topics. So come on guys, let the suggestion roll in!

Locate the "Suggestion?" tab!

Gimme your suggestions! :D